Artpool events - 31 March 2008 - Ludwig Museum


Book presentation
FLUXUS. Interviews, texts, events
Edited by Júlia Klaniczay and Annamária Szőke
Artpool–Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2008

The book contains texts that were translated as part of the “Fluxus research project”, launched in the Artpool Art Research Centre in the early 1990s, and those partly already published in the Artpool booklets made for educational purposes and with a small circulation.

Preparations have also been made in Artpool for a comprehensive Fluxus anthology in Hungarian as part of the Fluxus research with the aim of providing an all-encompassing, international and interdisciplinary presentation of this new artistic trend that emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The texts selected by Annamária Szőke are planned to illustrate the complexity and multi-genre (events, intermedia, poetry, music, concept, play etc.) approach of Fluxus, an art trend still exerting its influence today.

While the professional background required by the implementation of such an ambitious anthology of texts in Hungarian is available, its publication is uncertain at this point. Our currently published volume is aimed at Hungarian readers interested in the subject as it contains Fluxus-related interviews, texts and events translated into Hungarian, thus supplementing the extensive foreign language material already available in Artpool’s library.

The texts included in the volume are also accessible on Artpool’s webpages.

Artpool events - 31 March 2008 - Ludwig Museum

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