ENGAGED 3 is the third issue of a quarterly arts magazine published on CD ROM in London, 1995 by Rachel Steward.

This CD ROM presents the work of ten digital artists in addition with a feature on STRIKE, a fine arts project based in London, an interview with artists Paul Ramsay and Oona Campbell, THE LONELY ARTS COLOUMN, as well as, a GRAFFITY CUBICLE. All this can be found within the virtual walls of a three-d rendered public lavatory. Concerning its idea, structure, and design, it is one of the most exiting CD ROMs. The cyber convenience is neither merely a scenery with stereoscopic effect, nor a surface of aesthetic design but "real" cyberspace where each element has a specific function. Though the joining of the arts and the urinal might well be seen in the Duchampian sense, it is rather to be understood as a public space that stretches at the crossroads of different ideas and points of view where traditional and new, real and virtual, and, last but not least, art and life confront with each other. [review]