Published by Society for Old And New Media, Amsterdam, 1999

The lounge of hybrid media is an interactive database mapping European network culture by which the word map should be taken literally. Clicking through the map of Europe we can call on networked art institutions, foundations, and organizations from country to country. But if we wish, we can pass at random through the immense flow of data modelled as a classical network structure - searching by the areas of characteristics (Soft Data), resources and members (Context), relationship (Network), activity in general and individual projects (Workspace), and finally anchor at the files of a familiar name - Artpool, C3, Media Research Foundation are the Hungarian members. Would you believe it is such fun browsing through a 'boring' database? It is an amazingly well organized, exciting stuff (well, the Dutch do know a lot about the issue) - interesting to note, for example, that most Hungarian members regard themselves as elite organizations.

This CD-ROM database, which was selected from the material contributed by hundreds of organizations and projects, is only a 'freeze' of the constantly growing and changing lounge on the Internet, which was founded by the members of Hybrid Workspace project at art festival Documenta in Kassel, 1997.