A working research version

On this CD ROM published in 1994, the Japanese Project Intercommunication Center intended to open to the public a part of the Artists' Database planned for 1997. This digital who's who contains information - bibliographies, a list of exhibitions, works, publications, and performances - on 300 artists engaged in various fields of art. The structure of the CD ROM is simple and easy to use, yet, there are some basic problems with it. In the ground menu one can choose among three alternate routes: first, it is possible to make a search by name and ID but following this route, one does not have access to the artists' works. That is provided by the third choice, in the Image Browser. The images, however, are so small (and cannot be enlarged) that it is impossible to figure them out; it is better to reload the data related to any one individual artist since it can be done at this point, too. Choosing the second alternative enables one to make a statistics graphic on the basis of artistic media and artist generations. Apart from the pleasant music and surfaces of aesthetic design there is plenty of work to do with the database until the final version will come out.