George Legrady:

Published by the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. 1997-98. English-French.

To find one´s way in Legrady´s CD-ROM, which attempts to show the representation of photographic image through digital technology, is far more complicated than with exemplary PRIVATE/PUBLIC. This might be due to the swampy ground since the attempt is, in fact, not an easy one, besides the CD maker-theoretician continuously runs the risk of falling in the trap of theoretic commonplaces. In one word, the small jingling rectangles of the opening image which appear randomly on the fuzzy, grey-on-grey photographic surface, whose slow motion may well be a mere illusion, do not provide a key for the viewer to enter the CD-ROM. But once one is in and has found the "keywords" that is the root graphics showing the structure and the links, his depression is over and he sets out cheerfully to explore the Projects, the Photographic Works (the collection of the museums which published the CD-ROM), the Digital Images and the Critical Texts. What is more, had a viewer not seen the author´s former work, he can form a notion of it too.