Mamax, 1995

CD-ROM is the interactive movie of the future, it announces the end of television. No more twiddling thumbs in front of TV sets, it is up to us now to make our own TV programs – this is what Mamax intends to teach us by offering text, images, and soundtracks which we can combine into our own movie. In Text Mushroom the user can work with texts, images, and movies linked as hypertext; in Flickerei one can recombine art-pictures, and video stills, and can cut one's own "flicker-animation" simply by dragging elements over the screen. In Soundgame one can create one's own soundtrack to add to the movie, and save the whole work. In Texttunnel, a labyrinth composed of sentences, the user encounters theory and interactive interviews. This interactive hybrid CD-ROM, which is a digital essay in twelve chapters, presents ideas and models of the open channels in USA and Europe, and offers over 150 pages of text. Its aim, however, is not simply to display this material but also to train us for interactive televising at a multi-level training field.