Artpool events - 20 March 1992 - Artpool Archive



dr. Miklós Marschall Vice-Mayor of Budapest inaugurated the Center. Exhibition until 15th of May.

Miklós Marschall, Júlia Klaniczay, György Galántai

Audience of the opening: Gábor Attalai, Gábor Pataki, Attila Kovács ...

Tamás St.Auby, Júlia Klaniczay, László Beke , László Földényi F. ...

... Katalin Néray, Imre Bak, Attila Zsigmond.

Opening week 23-27 March: György Galántai received visitors every afternoon.

In 1992 Artpool presented its former activities little known to the public with four new projects: Artistamp Museum, Decentralized World Wide Networker Congress, Newkapolcs Gallery, Flux Flags.

During the presentations one could see and listen simultaneously to 5-10 topics presented in different ways, such as exhibit, installation, portfolio, slide-projector, video and sound-show, electronic message display etc.

Additional material was available in the Center`s bookstore such as art-books, scholarly books, catalogues, magazines, sound cassettes and sound CDs, postcards, etc.

Artpool events - 20 March 1992 - Artpool Archive

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