//BLINK// has been developed especially for Artpool P60 and uses the technological blink phenomenon to explore emerging audio and visual structures.

Using a video loop composed by a black screen followed by a white one, //BLINK// deals with the uncontrolled graphic patterns which are generated from an excess of video acceleration. The audio evolves in synchronization with the video, while its intensity changes according to the acceleration-deceleration of the video's rhythm.

//BLINK//, installed in the main room of Artpool, creates a flickering effect between light and darkness, upon entering the exhibition. The level of blinking (both visual and sound) is controlled by several infrared sensors activated by the visitors [MACHINENOISE].

In addition, Pascal Dombis presents his latest lenticular panels where he use a very large number of black and white images, that he apply on lenticular. The effect created by this accumulation of simple images is more than just a techno black & white flicker. It is like a mirror that do not reflect any image, encouraging the visitor to look beyond this absence of images [LENSNOISE].

Postdigital Mirror, 2007 / Google_black_white, 2007 / Irrational geometry, 2007

In Thanos Chrysakis' site specific audio installation [MAZE], a large number of mini speakers are spread around different rooms diffusing the 4 audio channels, in emerging, evolving audio-textures. The mini-speakers are placed on the floor, and hanging from the ceilings. The sounds to be hear are based on a preliminary research in the Artpool sound archives. His main idea is to create an environment that takes its starting point from the contrast between light and darkness, using timbres that can create such a contrast.

Without using images, motifs, or patterns, //BLINK// gives access to different sensational environments (vertigo, serenity, vortex, alacrity, infinitude, dejà vu experiences of non-rigid structures) which are not solely caused by opti-cal or audio illusions or by purely technological artefacts.

//BLINK// examines un-controlled generated blinking structures. It's set of rules and conditions brings it close to the Gestalt theory, and some of its investigations on light blinking experiences. It also relates to different ex-amples, across the ages, that tempted to open up new fields through the phenomenon of flickering : from Nostradamus experiments to Brion Gysin's "dream machine". An exploration, modulation of space through a set of orientations/disorientations, makes //BLINK// an experimental apprehension of that infinite small area that occurs between light and darkness.

Pascal Dombis is a French visual artist who explores the results of an abuse of technological processes in order to confront the human viewer with his own primal irrationality.

Thanos Chrysakis is a London-based Greek composer/installation artist that is interested in the perception of sound, and how we apprehend space by means of it, usually setting conditions of spatial structures through multichannel sound installations .

Pascal Dombis and Thanos Chrysakis have collaborated on several interactive video installations since 2004. The creation of //BLINK// has been decided during Process Revealed at Artpool P60 in April 2006, where both were participants.

Realised thanks to the help of the French Institute in Budapest.

EvoMUSART - Pascal Dombis: Mikado / Thanos Chrysakis: Klang-garten