Released in 1994

This is a great deal of fun for sure! It has been known for long that rabbits multiply very fast, and if one crosses different breeds of grey hares and hutch-rabbits, one gets a variety of unpredictable mutations. According to Hubaut such are the Playboy rabbit, the rabbit conjured out of the illusionist's top-hat, as well as, the delicious roasted hare-flesh prepared with wine. In these cases, rabbit is, of course, a metaphor, the antropomorphic character of Hubbaut's fictional rabbit universe. Among several images, cuttings, transfer pictures, comic strips, and cartoons of rabbits, one can also take a look at rabbit portraits by famous artists, make a guess concerning the authors' names, and what is more, he can shoot at the rabbits dropping down across the screen. Finally, there is a rabbit sitting in front of the horn of a gramophon, which might either refer to the passive role imposed on the recepient - whether there is interactivity or not - or mean that the rabbit is as universal a symbol as the dog since rabbits, after all, belong to everyone". (www)