general listing by Peter Haining of the contents of the Eight DATA CELLs
relocated from The Attic Archive and installed in Artpool in June 2010

USA separate boxes
Lon Spiegelman, Carlo Pittore, tentatively a convenience & John Berndt, Alex Hirka (there are also a number of small press zines by Neither Nor Press and other independents such as Scarlatina Lust who was associated with Alex Hirka), Jack Saunders (Publications – Copy Cat, Common Sense, Evil Genius, Blue Darter, Florida’s Shame, Open Book, Navvy, Dun, Full Plate, The jiz Biz, The Unwobbling Pivot, Forty, Arts Room, Lethal Yellowing.
Plus a VHS cassette by Jack Saunders
There are also 19 audio cassettes by Jack Saunders plus the following audio cassettes – Alex Hirka (7), tentatively a convenience (7), James Cobb/Musicmaster (1), Carlo Pittore (6), Buz Blurr (2)

Also VHS cassettes made by Pete Horobin in collaboration with the following: Alex Hirka (1), tentatively a convenience (5), John Berndt (1)

US mail artists from the A to Z files
Neoist Om Dada, Larry D Smith, Teresinka Pereira, Desmond McLean, Radio Free Dada, S Miller, Mark Bloch, Harry Fox, John Bennett, Al Ackerman, Robert Ashworth, Scarlatina, David Cole, Private World, Scott MacLeod, Sally Mericle, Janet Janet, State of Being, Judy Speezak, Nunzio, John Jacob, Harley, Dick Higgins, Buz Blurr, Ruth Howard, Paulo Bruscky, Mark Melnicove, Richard Meade, E F Higgins, Dovanna, Leaveneworth Jackson, Richard Wanderman, James Evans, Richard Van Valkenburg, Skooter, Brian Mitch, Marc Nasdor.

publications & small press:
Printers’ Devil, Burning Press, Box of Water, Space Productions, White Angels, Homex, Neither Nor Press, Beatniks from Space, Umbrella, Intermedia, The First International Portfolio of Artists Photographs X2, The Scroll Unrolls, Die Young, The Valium Addict, Waste Maker, Cup Full of Head, Dumb Fucker, I Believe in Coincidences,

Canadian mail artists/publications from the A to Z files
Mike Duquette, Pyramid, Photographers Gallery Saskatoon, Nelson Henricks, Obscure, Neutral Ground, Le Lieu, Istvan Kantor, Gordon W, La Societe de Conservation du Present, Mike Bidner, Off Center Center, Lina Jabra, Mark Dicey, Normand Hamel, Jupitter-Larsen, CAT Gallery, The Works, Les Editions Intervention, Sous Le Manteau.
There are 3 12inch vinyl records by Monty Cantsin plus 2 audio cassettes and 1 VHS interview with Pete Horobin & Istvan Kantor – London 1984.

Japanese mail artists from the A to Z
Shozo Shimamoto, Ryosuke Cohen, Masaki Eguti, Masami Akita.
1 audio cassette by Merzbow, 1 anon cassette.

Korea - Cho Sang-Hyun

Australia – Media Space, Experimental Art Foundation.

South America – Clemente Padin, Association Artistico Cultural de Brusque, Daniel Passeado Branco Ribeiro, Leonhard Frank Duch, Mira, Participation/Uruguay, Francisco Igreja.

David Zack – there is a whole box of Zack’s correspondence plus 12 audio cassettes & 1 VHS cassette of Zack’s visit to the DATA Attic.

French & Italian material from the A to Z file
RU Sevol, Ruggero Maggi, Centro Lavoro Arte, CAIRN, Jean Paul Thenot, Christian Vanderborght, Arnaldo Esposto, Serse Luigetti, Mario Grandi, Gianni Broi, Giuseppe Martino, Emilio Morandi, Lucien Suel, Giacinto Formentini, Alvaro, Oronzo Liuzzi, Giuseppe Gasparro, Fernanda Fedi, Nicola Frangione, Centre Regional D’Arts Plastiques, Lieux Des Relations, Diagonale, Atelier Rabascall, Jean Pierre Roche, Jean Paul Curtay, Philippe Laurent, Pascal Lenoir, Roberto Migliussi, Poplite, Alessandro Aselb, Guillermo Deisler, Federica Manfredini, Peter Heiss, Angelo Vitale, Umberto Stagnaro, Daniel Daligand, Paul Celan, Philipe Bille, Didier Moulinier, Bandes, Face-B, Jose Oliveira, Arte Naturale, Le Guep Art, JP Mauny.
There are also two boxes of correspondence from Vittore Baroni
There are 3 audio cassettes by the Morandi Conspiracy and 6 audio cassettes by Vittore Baroni.
There is also a collection of publications by Cavellini

SIEP, El Olivare, Jaume Rocamora, Rafael Flores, Gabriel, Paco, Centre de Documentacio D’Art Actual, Albert Giros, Metronom.


Jurgen Olbrich, Georg Ladanyi, Stiletto, Wulle, Geza Perneczky, Jurgen Kierspel, Hapunkt Fix, Anthroart, Graf Haufen, Gerd Borner, Frieder Kerler, Ioan Bunus, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Siglinde Kallinbach, Peter Kustermann, Klaus Groh, Andreas Mathyl, George Brecht, Homeyer/Hummel, Angela & Henning Mittendorf, Axel Kretschmer, Mona Catbird, Joki, Christoph Janetzkol, Ko De Jonge, Viktor Pawel, Volker Wohlfarth, Franziska Pfeiffer.

There is also 2 large collections of material from Jurgen Olbrich’s Kunoldstr 34 project.
And a box of material from Peter Below.

Vinyl LPs:
De collage – musik by Wolf Vostel
Three Minute Symphony  - XTract Records – an international compilation.
Voices Notes Noise – compilation by Hummel/Homeyer

Audio cassettes - Stiletto x1, Neoism Now by Graf Haufen

VHS cassettes –
Stiletto x1, Interview with Pete Horobin & Peter Kustermann, Peter’s Endless World Art Video by Peter Kustermann, Graf Haufen’s visit to the DATA Attic.

The Neoist DATA Cell book – an A4 collection of completed photo-ID forms.

Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands etc
Carsten Schmidt-Olsen, Henryk Gajewski, Peter Meyer, Niels Lomholt, Andrzej Ekwinski, Arthur Berkhoff, Guy Stuckens, Thierry Tillier, Glass Recycling Project, Leif Eriksson, Ruud Janssen, Menno van der Velde, Kalejdoskop, Creatif Art Review, Bas van Noorden, H R Fricker, Johan van Geluwe, Ko De Jonge, Charles François, Kais Koivisto, Guy Schraenen, Aerosol, Steen Moller Rasmussen, Peter Kazil, Peter Decraene, Jan W Vugts, Guy Bleus.

Audio cassettes:
Toonbeelden by Carel Lanters, Ripority Folio 7 & Ripority Folio 8 by Arthur Berkhoff. Open Day by Arthur Berkhoff, Magie Rouge by Guy Stuckens, Pete Horobin interview with Guy Stuckens, Audio Child by Henryk Gajewski, Pete Horobin interview with Guy Schraenen.

The following titles are by Rod Summers:
Arid Like the Ocean, Ring of Brogar, Kangaroos Are Written in Basic, Auricle in G, Pythagoras Budgerigar, Helgisaga, Listen, Here, Hark, Ringade, Grate, Sep+tic, Gathered Hear, Still, Ulises Dog, Tching (The End), Glisten, Clear, Ear 2 Ear, Ether, Iceland Symphony, gedda grip, The Agnes That Sat On My Tent, 50% Tape Hiss/50% Noise, Occluded Front at Full Moon, Tacky’s Lithe Leaden Dinghy, Quango Sampler Spring 1996.

There are also 3 CDs by Summers:
Tacky’s Lithe Leaden Lazer Guided Dinghy, Gedda Way, Gedda Grip.

The box of Rod Summers material contains correspondence mixed through with mail art projects and more recent CDs.

Eastern Europe
Gabor Toth, Pawel Petasz, Lodz Kaliska, András Lengyel, A Kwietniewsky, Waclaw Ropiecki, M Janiak, Tango, Robert Swierkiewicz, Dobrica Kamperelic, Ivan Prajzler, Elekes Karoly, Serge Segay, Dorota Jarosz.

There is a box of material by Andrzej Dudek Dürer which also contains 6 audio cassettes and one VHS interview with Pete Horobin.

UK material
Michael Leigh & Hazel Jones, Sean Driver, Cris Cheek, Certain Gestures, Barry Edgar Pilcher, Keith Bates, Susan/Snowhite Jung, Chris Mason, Andre Stitt, John Smith, John Carson, Tony Lowes, David Jarvis, Art Naphro/Paul Jackson, Ona Doodle, and Steve Perkins/Janet Janet.

There are separate boxes for each of the following –
Stewart Home, Robin Crozier. Mark Pawson, Ben Allen, DJ @ Fomt and a collection of Smile magazines.

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