Dick Higgins: Sparks for Piano (1979)
The darker, the louder: the lighter. the softer. Duration up to three minutes

Dick Higgins: Statement on intermedia

Dick Higgins: Intermédia Chart

Something Else Press

Dick Higgins fluxus debris!

INTERMEDIA: The Dick Higgins Collection at UMBC (pdf)

Hannah Higgins interview by Jeff Abell

Dick Higgins mail-interview by Ruud Jansen

Wikipedia - Dick Higgins

UbuWeb Sound - Dick Higgins

Electronic Poetry Center: Sound Poetry - Dick Higgins

Fluxfilm 02 Dick Higgins

a poem for John Cage by Dick Higgins (video)

Danger Music #2 - Dick Higgins (video)

Christian Bok reads from the poem "CHAPTER I for Dick Higgins " from Eunoia.

Experimental animation using found sound recorded by Dick Higgins.


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