This touring exhibition celebrates the work of Owen Land (formerly known as George Landow), one of the most original and celebrated American filmmakers of the 60s and 70s. The films made during this period fuse an intellectual sense of reason with the irreverent wit that distances them from the supposedly ‘boring’ world of avant-garde cinema. Land’s early materialist works anticipated Structural Film—the definition of which provoked his rejection of film theory and convention—and include explorations into the physical qualities of the celluloid strip.

George Landow / Owen Land: The Evil Faerie 1966 Fluxfilm 25

George Landow - Remedial Reading Comprehension [1970]

George Landow/Owen Land - Film In Which There Appear Edge ..

Judith Hopf and Henrik Olesen: Doors / Portikus

About Narratives

Owen Land ( George Landow ) exhibition in Bern

Owen Land's DIALOGUES- Premiere in Bern

Kevin Casey, Where Are You Now?

George Landow, aka Owen Land is a painter, writer, photographer, and filmmaker.
He also works under the pen names Orphan Morphan, and Apollo Jize.
note: Landow/Land was falsely credited for John Cavanaugh's film The Evil Faerie in the Fluxus Anthology. Land did participate as a performance artist in some Fluxus events.

Dialogues, by Owen Land –
Los Angeles Premiere!

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