L-001 : Divertments one, 1965
from orginal Fluxus source,
containing nine vintage cards.
Maciunas-designed label (reprint) in transparent plastic case. 100x120mm
ReFlux Editions in 2002

Flux Year Box 2. 1966

Five-compartment wood box with objects by various artists
George Maciunas, American, 1931-1978; Eric Andersen, Danish, born 1942; George Brecht, American, born 1926; Ben Vautier, Swiss, born 1935; John Cavanaugh, nationality unknown, 20th century; Willem de Ridder, Dutch, born 1942; Robert Filliou, French, 1926-1987; Vera Spoerri, nationality unknown, 20th century; Roland Topor, French, born 1938; Albert M. Fine, American, 1940-1987; Ken Friedman, nationality unknown, 20th century; Hi Red Center, Japanese, 20th century; John Lennon, British, 1940-1980; Frederic Lieberman, nationality unknown, 20th century; Claes Thure Oldenburg, American, born 1929; Yoko Ono, American, born 1933; James Riddle, American, born 1933; Paul Sharits, nationality unknown, 20th century; Bob Sheff, American, 20th century; Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi, Japanese, born 1938; Stanley Vanderbeek, American, 1927-1984; Wolf Vostell, German, 1932-1998; Yoshimasa Wada, Japanese, born 1943; Robert Watts, American, 1923-1988


Thirty-seven remarks re an audio-visual performance
Premiere and performer(s): July 23, 1965 at the Philharmonic Hall in Lincoln Centre, New York City. Performed by John Cage, David Tudor, Malcolm Goldstein, Frederick Lieberman and James Tenny (musicians); Robert Moog (electronic devices); Stan VanDerBeek (films); Nam June Paik (distorted television images); Beverly Emmons (lighting); Merce Cunningham, Carolyn Brwon, Barbara Lloyd, Sandra Neels, Albert Reid, Peter Saul and Gus Solomons Jr. (dancers); Billy Klüver (technical consultant). Dedicated to: Mary Sisler.

Frederic Lieberman Books

Frederic Lieberman, composer and ethnomusicologist, is Professor of Music at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has published widely on Chinese, South Indian, and Himalayan musics; co-authored three books with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart; and carries out research and consultation on issues of music law.

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