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György Ligeti Portrait, A Documentary by Michel Follin (1993)

The Hungarian composer György Ligeti's biography typifies the displaced cosmopolitan, truly at home only in the international community of music. Appropriately enough, this revealing film portrait of his life and music has a train journey as its central metaphor, with Ligeti gazing through the window onto the changing middle-European landscape. His music - innovative, complex, brilliantly eclectic - accompanies his reflections and memories.

Gy. Ligeti -- Requiem

Ligeti - Artikulation

György Ligeti - Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes

Atmospheres-Gyorgy Ligeti

Gyorgy Ligeti "Apparitions for Orchestra"

György Ligeti - Hungarian Rock

György Ligeti - Invention

György Ligeti, Aventures

György Ligeti : Lontano

György Ligeti : Glissandi

György Ligeti: Artikulation (1958 Musique Concrete Avant Electronic)

Ligeti Atmospheres

György Ligeti - Etude no.4 "Fanfares"

Ligeti: continuum for harpsichord

Gyorgy Ligeti - Musica ricercata 2 - Scary piano

Gyorgy Ligeti and Ernst Haeckel

György Ligeti : 10 Pieces (1/2)

György Ligeti: Double Concerto (2/2)

Gyorgy Ligeti - Fem by Pierre Laurent Aimard

Nansong Huang - Gyorgy Ligeti, Etude No. 4 "Fanfares"

Gyorgy Ligeti study No.2 "Coulee",for organ

György Ligeti - n.1 from "Musica Ricercata" (1951-53) E. Battisti, organ

Gyorgy Ligeti - 6 Bagatelles For Wind Quintet V

Andaloro - György Ligeti: Étude Nr. 1 "Désordre"


Ligeti - Lux Aeterna

György Ligeti, Sonata for Solo Cello, Dialogo & Capricce

György Ligeti - Symphonic Poem for 100 Metronomes BACKWARDS

György Ligeti Sonata for Solo Cello - Dmitri Atapine cellist

György Ligeti: Ramifications

György Ligeti : Continuum

György Ligeti - Capriccio No. 1

György Ligeti : Chamber Concerto (1/3)

Piano Concerto by Gyorgy Ligeti, 3rd movement

Trainride with György Ligeti

Le Grand Macabre, György Ligeti, Theater Bremen Rehearsal

Ligeti: Volumina (1)

Gyorgy Ligeti ~ Chromatische Phantasie

Gyorgy Ligeti - Musica ricercata (Adaptation for Barrel Organ)

György Ligeti - Atmosphères (1961), for Orchestra

György Ligeti - Capriccio No. 2

Ligeti "HARMONIES" study no.1 for organ

Artikulation by György Ligeti (1958)

György Ligeti - Lux Aetherna

Ligeti - Ramifications

György Ligeti - Musica ricercata III. Allegro con spirito

Ligeti : Kammerkonzert (mvt I.)

Ligeti: violin concerto (part I)

sayaka shoji Ligeti 1

Amethyst Quartet - "Six Bagatelles" - Ligeti - Mvt. 1

Ligeti : Ramifications (Version für Streichorchester)

Ligeti: Electronic Piece no 3

LIGETI 《Pièce électronique no. 3》

the time count us / el temps ens compta

György Ligeti, Hamburg Concerto

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