Gustav Metzger's career has spanned sixty years of art and political activism. He pioneered Auto-Destructive art and famously held an 'art strike' between 1977-1980. He was also involved in the radical Fluxus movement.

Recreation of First Public Demonstration of Auto-Destructive Art, 1960, remade 2004

Manifesto Auto-Destructive Art [1960]

urban sculptures [1965]

"...this sculpture consists of five walls or screens, each about 30 feet in height and 40 feet long and 2 feet deep. They are arranged about 25 feet apart and staggered in plan. I envisage these in a central area..."

Gustav Metzger, "Liquid Crystal Environment" (1965-88). Installation view.
Five slide projectors, liquid crystals, glass slides, mechanical control, dimensions variable.

Liquid Crystal Environment, 1965, remade 2005

Flailing Trees moves into position.

Flailing Trees - Gustav Metzger

The moving of Flailing Trees

Flailing Trees reaches the Whitworth

"Gustav Metzger: 100,000 Newspapers" part 1 of 3

"Gustav Metzger: 100,000 Newspapers" part 2 of 3

"Gustav Metzger: 100,000 Newspapers" part 3 of 3

TateShots Issue 15 - Gustav Metzger

Forum for Holocaust Studies: Gustav Metzger Interview with Alison Jones (1998)

Does Modern Art Give You A Headache?

Disinformation "National Grid" installation 1

Disinformation "National Grid" installation 2


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Around the same time, he was lecturing at Ealing Art College, where one of his students was rock musician Pete Townshend, who later cited Metzger's concepts as an influence for his famous guitar-smashing during performances of The Who. He has also influenced the self-eating computer virus works by the digital artist Joseph Nechvatal.

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