Writes Jonas Mekas:
"Stan VanDerBeek is one of
our few genuine film artists
- a poet, a clown, a laughing
man of the Bomb Age."

Still from A La Mode c. Stan VanDerBeek 1957.
Courtesy of the Estate of Stan VanDerBeek

Flux Year Box 2,

a signature Fluxus production, is a boxed anthology of works by 17 artists that was edited and assembled by Fluxus "chairman" George Maciunas beginning in about 1965. The second in a planned annual series, this piece was conceived as a "game box" that would hold small objects, flip books, cards, and films, including a handheld viewer for looking at the 8mm film loops. Eric Andersen, George Brecht, John Cale, John Cavanaugh, Willem de Ridder, Albert Fine, Ken Friedman, Fred Lieberman, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, James Riddle, Paul Sharits, Bob Sheff, Stanley Vanderbeek, Ben Vautier, Robert Watts

FEEDBACK: Performance in Early
Video by John Thomson, 2002

The Vasulkas, Stan VanDerbeek, and Nam June Paik enlivened their formal innovation with a performance structure that added layers of complexity and cultural and ideological significance to their experiments.

Stan Vanderbeek-science friction (1959)

Stan Vanderbeek:
The Computer Generation part 1

Stan Vanderbeek:
The Computer Generation part 2

Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton-Poemfield no.2

Science Friction - Stan Vanderbeek

Front Room Virtual Tour: Sam Moyer &
Lesley Vance & Stan VanDerBeek

Variations V (1965) (excerpt)

Stan Vanderbeek - (1960) -
Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev

wikipedia - Stan Vanderbeek

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