Things to Think About in Space
Call for Commonpress 37 by Mario Lara, 1980: Please complete and return to Mario Lara, 4124 37th Street, San Diego, California, USA, 92105. Deadline: July 1, 1980. Some things to think about: Space as a manmade concept. Space: positive? Negative? Space: Living, active. Space: Dead, dead, or dead. Space: Illusory or false. Environmental space. Outer space. Intuitive space. 2D/3D space. Political space. Spaceless. Spacing. Spaced. All returns will be compiled as a catalogue; a copy of which will be sent to every participant. Do I have your permission to exhibit or publish your entry if the opportunity arises? Yes / No. A donation of $1 would help me in the cost of printing the catalogue and I'd appreciate that. Thanks: Mario Lara, February 25, 1980.