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Pages from
Clinch magazine No. 1
Out-Press, Geneva, Switzerland


Impressum & List of Participants

Works by the participants (G. A. Cavellini, Vittore Baroni, etc.)

Text by Ruch

Performance piece by Dick Higgins, performed by Ecart in 1977

Work by Günther Ruch & Lon Spiegelman

Works by the participants (Ray Johnson, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Steven Durland, etc.)

Works by the participants (Endre Tót, Jaroslav Supek, Carlo Pittore, etc.)

Collage of various works by the participants

Works by the participants (G. A. Cavellini, Gerald Jupitter-Larsen, Dobrica Kamperelic, Anna Banana, etc.)

Work by G. A. Cavellini & Bill Gaglione & Buster Cleveland

Work by Edgardo-Antonio Vigo & Geoffrey Cook & Günther Ruch

Work by Pier van Dijk & Robert Joseph & Günther Ruch

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