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Catalog for the show
Emberkísérletek. Men´s Experiments
Xertox Csoport, Budapest, 1982, ca. p. 80

Call and invitation for the show
List of participants, poster
Letter about state censorship

Action (at the opening)

Cover (packed into the big poster folded)


Work by unknown artist

Work by Vittore Baroni

Work by MIT

Work by Béla Egyedi

Work by Géza Perneczky

Work by Robin Crozier

Work by György Galántai

Work by unknown artist

Work by Ko de Jonge

Work by Jürgen Olbrich

Work by Serse Luigetti

Work by Ulises Carrión

Work by Hans Rudi Fricker (call for the MA show: Artistic Activities in the Countryside)

Work by Arno Arts



Postcard (front)

Postcard (back: list of participants)

List of participants



Letter about state censorship (the first exhibition was installed
but practically closed by the decision of the state jury)

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