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The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp
Grandfresnoy, France, 1991

No. 2, 1991
No. 4, 1992
No. 10, 1996

No. 2


List of participants

Work by Géza Perneczky

Work by Mark S. Mawtus

No. 4


List of participants

Work b Amadeu Escorsio

Work by A1 Waste Paper Co.

Work by Gerald Barbot

Work by Piotr Piatek

No. 10


Calls for participating in Issues no. 8 & 10

List of participants

Works by Lancillotto Bellini & Eila Hämäläinen

Works by David Dellafiora & K. Frank Jensen

Works by Michael Lumb & M. B. Corbett

Work by Kurt Beaulieu

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