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Based on the catalog: Works by Ray Johnson, Nassau County Museum of Fine Arts, Roselyn Harbor, New York, 1984


April 1 Rutherford Place, New York City. First Meeting of the New York Correspondence School. The Society of Friends Meeting House.

June 1 New York City. Meeting-Seating. Finch College.

June 24 New York City. Gotham Art Theatre Performance.

September 7 New York City. First Meeting for Diane Fisher. Christo Street.

October 26 New York City. Stilt Walk Meeting. Central Park.

November 23 New York City. Second Meeting for Diane Fisher. Finch College.


February 14 New York City. N.Y.C.S. "Beating (Heart)" Mail Event for the Behavior Department of Time Magazine.

February 21 Rabat, Morocco. Rabat. Morocco Mailing Event.

March 26 Sacramento, California. First N.Y.C.S. Exhibition and "A Duck Named Andy" Performance. University of California.

November 5 New York City. "When It Rains It Pours" Performance. School of Visual Arts.


April 16 Intercourse, Pennsylvania. First Intercourse Mailing Event.

March 5 New York City. "A Pair of Ears" Mailing Event for Talk of the Town. New Yorker Magazine.

May 28 Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Second Intercourse Mailing Event.

November 7 New York City. A Meeting for Dame May Witty. David Whitney Gallery.

November 14 New York City. "Each Time You Carry Me This Way" Meeting for Carrie Snodgress. Finch College.


April 23 New York City. First Marcel Duchamp Fan Club Meeting. Church of the Holy Trinity.


February 10 Chicago. A Marcel Duchamp Fan Club Performance and N.Y.C.S. Exhibition. Wabash Transit Gallery.

June 3 New York City. N.Y.C.S. Meeting for Anna May Wong. New York Cultural Center. (video taped)

August 26 New York City. A Moment of Silence for Tiger Morse Event. Max's Kansas City.


June 9 New York City. First Buddha University Meeting for Mary Josephson. Paula Cooper Gallery.


January 19 New York City. A Buddha University Meeting. Onnasch Gallery.

February 14 Macomb, Illinois. N.Y.C.S. Exhibition and Valentine's Day Performance. Western Illinois University. In conjunction with one-man exhibition. (video taped)

April 1 New York City. Paloma Picasso Fan Club Meeting. Ronald Feldman Gallery.

September 19 New York City. "Cute Ass Club" Performance. Columbia University.

September 21 New York City. Asparagus Club. A Consept Event. Rene Block Gallery.

October 15 Oberlin, Ohio. "Spaghetti" Performance. Oberlin College.


February 6 Old Westbury, New York. "Ray Johnson's History of Yoko Ono and John" Performance. New York Institute of Technology.

April 10 Baltimore. "Exquisite Corpse" Performance. Maryland Institute College of Art.

April 27 New York City. "Spam Radio Club" Meeting. Center for Book Arts.

October 30 New York City. "Snakes Escape" Performance. Whitney Studio School. (video taped)


February 28 New York City. First Shelley Duvall Fan Club Meeting. Brooks Jackson/Iolas Gallery.

November 20 New York City. "Each Time You Drag Me This Way" Meeting. West Broadway.


January 17 Mt. Berry, Georgia. "Anita O'Day" Performance. Mt. Berry College.

March 5 New York City. N.Y.C.S. Book Performance. International Center of Photography.

March 22 Stony Brook, New York. Lawrence Alloway Performance. State University of New York.

May 8 Muttontown, New York. "The Unopened Letter" Performance. Unitarian Fellowship.

May 14 New York City. Second Shelly Duvall Fan Club Meeting. Fifty-third Street.

June 23 New York City. "A stsYork Correeew jeece Schispriepsting" Meeting. Artists Space.

September 20 New York City. Ray Johnson: N.Y.C.S. Performance. Franklin Furnace

October 5 Philadelphia. "A Dead Bird" Performance. Moore College of Art.

November 17 Port Washington, New York. "Floor Rolling Conversation" Performance. Central Hall Gallery.

December 1 Hamilton, New York. "Barry White Ecstasy" Performance. Root Art Center. In conjunction with one-man exhibition.

December 17 New York City. N.Y.C.S. "Flying Eyeballs" Meeting. Truman Gallery.


September 30 Minneapolis, Minnesota. "Throwaway Gesture" Performance. Walker Art Center. In conjunction with one-man exhibition.

October 29 Detroit. "The Thoreau Away Gesture" Performance. Detroit Institute of Arts. (video taped)


January 25 Providence, Rhode Island. "Another Throwaway Gesture" Performance. Rhode Island School of Design.


February 17 Roslyn Harbor, New York. "Smile" Performance. Nassau County Museum of Fine Art.

June 14 Bridgehampton, New York. N.Y.C.S. Meeting. Bridgehampton Post Office Parking Lot.


April 4 Greenvale, New York. N.Y.C.S. David Letterman Fan Club Meeting and Performance. C.W. Post College. (video taped)

August 6 Sagaponack, New York. N.Y.C.S. Meeting for Bill Boggs and Bambino. Sagaponack Post Office.

[Other Events Related to Ray Johnson / Ray Johnsonnal kapcsolatos egyéb események]
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