29 July 1973 - The positions of letter O
A film by Attila Csernik and Katalin Ladik (accompanied by the voice of Katalin Ladik)
then Katalin Ladik gives a sound poetry performance (the tape recorder broke down, suddenly, but was replaced when two unknown men from Tatabánya turned up with another).


Sound-poetry performance by Katalin Ladik

“In the morning the Yugoslav material was mounted. Csernik, Baráth, me and some others helped. At 1 p.m. we screened the film made by Csernik and Ladik titled The Position of the Letters O. Sound by Ladik. After the screening Ladik did an experience for us using sounds from a cassette player and also natural sounds. The undecipherable sound recording was based on a relatively small amount of decipherable text. Exhibitors present: Orvos, Haász, artist from the Pécs Workshop, Ficzek, Szíjártó.”
(György Galántai’s diary entry)

04 August 1973 - Performance of the Brobo Company

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