12 and 15 August 1973 - Kassák Theatre: Play with Birds (two performances)
Cast: István Bálint, Péter Breznyik and Péter Halász.

“The first performance of the Play with Birds by Halász et al in the chapel.

Wednesday, 3 p.m.: Two repeats of Halász’s bird game.
Halász half-nude (his left side nude, his right side in a suit – white shirt and tie)
2. He puts clothes on his other side too.
3. He smears glue on the ground in front of him and sets it on fire.
4. He stands on one foot, sticks the other leg back and extending his arms like wings he jumps on one foot like a bird around a blanket laid on the ground.
5. Bálint, in his underwear and socks, lies on his back, sticks out his arms and legs like a chick and some time later cries out, ‘Péter! I love you neither because you have a beard, nor because you are suggestive but because of making theatre.’
The next part had different versions. Breznyik entered, scattered his shoes and socks, then he entered again, this time in a mask and his legs bandaged, and read out parts about military education from a Soviet book [Red Epaulettes]; then he illustrated with a photo series what could be seen outside from the.” (György Galántai’s diary entry)


12-18 August 1973 - Kassák Theatre
accessories of the performances for children in the morning

12-13 August 1973 - (from Sunday evening to Monday morning) László Algol: The Chemistry Engineer and the Construction Foreman. The Personality of the Trinity (An Approximation Exercise).

13 August - King Kong I-II. part
14 August - King Kong III. part

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