19-25 August 1973 - “Szövegek/Texts” - The first international exhibition of visual experimental poetry (organised by Dóra Maurer and Gábor Tóth)

19 August 1973 - Concrete Poetry actions: Tibor Gáyor “FIRE/ICE” and Dóra Maurer “Hommage à Tristan Tzara

Tibor GÁYOR: FIRE/ICE (action)

“Tibor assembled the words ‘FIRE’ and ‘ICE’ using negative metal letters. FIRE was the designated place for water frozen into ice, and the other one was intended for fire. We manged to do the fire idea but somehow at first we couldn’t freeze the letters of ‘FIRE’ in the village. When Tibor arrived, he went to the butcher’s who asked him: Oh, is it the nameday for Feri today? Then we quickly managed to do the fire idea too. We set fire to it, melted it and photographed it.” (Interview with Dóra Maurer, 1998)

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