MAIL, etc., FLUX (art) WORLD
the year 2 is the year of connections characterized by sensitivity and cooperation

Dear Artist! In the framework of the Budapest Autumn Festival, from 24th October through 15th of November, the Artpool P60 will house an international parallel fluxus exhibition-event on the theme of “5+1”. The project, in the real – as well as in the virtual (internet) – exhibition space, is to assemble a holistic world view from the concepts that exist independently and yet inform each other.
The only condition of participation is to understand the theme of 5+1.
Deadline: 30th September, 2002.

(1) doubleness/duplicity/dualism/twofoldness
One ought to always consider the double structure of the world:
the dualism/doubleness/duplicity/twofoldness of the imagined and the actual world.
The two faculties of the mind operate jointly. One of them is the intentionally
activated imagination,the other one is the spontanoeus processes of intuition
and instinctive recognition/discovery.

(2) doubt/dubiety/skepticism
(S)he who has no doubts will never have the chance to get close to the truth.

(3) symmetries
All the macro systems of the world consist of a complicated multiplicity of micro-subsystems
that are built up according to fractal/fractional symmetries.

(4) dissymmetry/violating symmetry
All evolution is actuated by the tiny damages made to symmetry;
a wholly symmetric universe could not possibly have ever developed.
All violations of symmetry entails the generation of information.

(5) paradox/paranormal phenomena
The core of fluxus in art is seemingly a paradox which expands
the scope of possible meanings as much as it purifies/cleanses action from its usual objects.
Some think that everything that has not been fully researched or explained yet is a paraphenomenon.

(+1) and other parallel realities
Like the invisible mental processes that are regarded as the holistic system of beliefs
and desires, the medium of artistic creation is the physical reality. According to the new
holistic science, counter energies resulting from subquantum holofields belong
to the category of non-traditional energy forms.

Artpool, H-1277 Budapest 23, Pf. 52. / fax: (+36-1)3210833 / project @ artpool.hu / http://www.artpool.hu/
Conception: György Galántai

(Material sent for the project
after being exhibited and documented on the web
will be included in the Artpool Archives)