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Derek Michael BESANT artist (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Beth would tell me about making love on the playground equipment at night, in the park, her feet hitting the willow branches while going around the roto-wheel. Then she showed me an ankle tattoo shaped like willow leaves...

Margee ran into the grass in the rain, when the comet left it’s trail across the night sky. By morning her footprints had small pools of water picking up the first glow of sunrise in them, like small lakes viewed from an airplane.

Michael had a hip replacement, so now, when he walks, he places slightly more weight on his right side. He wears out the right shoe of every pair of shoes he owns. So, now he wants the other side done to balance it out.

Alexandra got out of the pool and her wet footprints dried within the hour like memories of themselves, making it difficult to follow her. She could walk on water, she said.

Gary broke his foot in so many places, that he was in a cast for almost a year. He counts himself lucky could have been both feet, he said.

Gwen stood in the freezing cold river, and couldn’t feel her feet when she got out. She photographed them standing on rocks, but that didn’t really show the lack of feeling very well.

Laura has triple A size feet, narrow like canoes. She wears sensible shoes and gives them away to the Salvation Army before they get old. She once kicked so high on the dance floor, her shoe flew right out the window.

Roberta told me that rubbing her feet got her aroused. She could do it herself and that worked, but the best was when someone else did it. She hung out at bowling alleys hoping to meet Mr. Right.

Stuart put his feet into only expensive socks. Every payday, he bought more and more till someone broke into his place, stole half his collection but only left behind one from each pair and a ransom note.

Joy would slip out of her shoes and let her feet find mine under the dining room table. I couldn’t believe how dexterous she was with only her feet. She kept a perfectly straight face but delighted in me trying to have a conversation with her husband while she played this game.

Bill stood at the cement imprints left in the sidewalk of the stars. He tried to fit into Jimmy Stewart’s, then Marlon Brando’s... but ended up with his hands in Michele Pheiffer’s pumps.

Kristine broke her little toe while kick-boxing. The doctor taped it to the next toe, like a splint. He told her to let it heal, take pain killers, and stay off her feet. She hopped on one foot out of the office and down the hall.

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