intellectual and poetic / intellektuális és poetikus


SZKÁROSI Endre poet (Budapest, Hungary)


wake on a bowstring blade hang a lab
fated a bowery bone
monotone boos bowl
leading principle cripples nerve curved
hanging again
in a game bowled foot bowel
party sans boots
musical ball muscle
folds mystic missel thrush news
and weapon tecst masses
carismatic plasmatic mucus passes
blowing in thy widow
balanced on a stringer’s trigger
lifts a hole above muzzles
his stolen sole history’s traces
on the mundusbowel mucousmembrane

monitor boafeet
in each sheath hang three soles
saw a cockard twist
damage and wend under the sole
homage damned sang on a year’s rope
he won’t he went
he didn’t want singing
in a sole string he brakes souls
today threee toys crawl yet
onto tuft

loss stump tinct bail
robotic anthrax in minor
on marsh on knees or either
fliear in tact nail
don’t stumble on a partyliner
adjourned bowline arches
stolen cavillowanced
the chance is underfoot
the palm in arch support
airsoled bucket goes
through all the bracket holes