SOUND IMAGE POETRY                    Exhibition at Artpool P60

Authors of the exhibited works :

Kurt SchwittersWalter MarchettiDiter Rot > Ian Hamilton Finlay
Juan Hidalgo
Antonin ArtaudTristan Tzara > Richard Huelsenbeck >
Hans Arp
> Velemir Hlebnyikov Szkárosi Endre > Michel Seuphor >
Pierre Albert Birot > Petőcz AndrásFortunato Depero > Francesco Cangiullo >
Robert Desnos > Szilágyi ÁkosGiacomo Balla > Mimmo Rotella >
Mary Ellen Solt > Salette Tavares > Jackson Mac LowPaul de Vree >
Augusto de Campos > Carlo Belloli > Illyés GyulaFrançois Dufrêne
Alain SatiéDick HigginsPietro Gigli > Luis Pazos > Molnár Katalin >
Bob Cobbing > Emmett Williams > Adriano Spatola > Décio Pignatari >
José Lino GrünewaldFilippo Tommaso Marinetti > Il'ja Zsdanevics >
Raoul Hausmann > Theo Van Doesburg > Henri Chopin > Sugár Andor >
Kassák Lajos > Tamkó Sirató Károly > Ana Hatherly > Fernando Aguiar >
Luciano Caruso > E. E. CummingsHeinz Gappmayr > Ilse & Pierre Garnier >
Max BenseLadislav Novak > Ernst Jandl > Kukorelly Endre > Brion Gysin >
Franz Mon > Alberto Pimenta > Daniel SpoerriWeöres Sándor >
> Edwin Morgan > Székely Ákos > f. Tóth Árpád >
Kismányoky Károly Kelényi Béla

Curator of the exhibition: Galántai György

Authors of the exhibited works - in alphabetical order:

Fernando Aguiar | Hans Arp | Antonin Artaud | Giacomo Balla | Carlo Belloli
Max Bense | Pierre Albert Birot | Augusto de Campos | Francesco Cangiullo
Luciano Caruso | Henri Chopin | Bob Cobbing | E. E. Cummings | Fortunato Depero
Robert Desnos | Theo Van Doesburg | François Dufrêne | Ian Hamilton Finlay
Galántai György | Heinz Gappmayr | Ilse & Pierre Garnier | Pietro Gigli
José Lino Grünewald | Brion Gysin | Ana Hatherly | Raoul Hausmann | Juan Hidalgo
Dick Higgins | Velemir Hlebnyikov | Richard Huelsenbeck | Illyés Gyula | Ernst Jandl
Kassák Lajos | Kelényi Béla | Kismányoky Károly | Kukorelly Endre | Jackson MacLow
Walter Marchetti | Filippo Tommaso Marinetti | Molnár Katalin | Franz Mon
Edwin Morgan | Ladislav Novak | Papp Tibor | Luis Pazos | Petőcz András
Décio Pignatari | Alberto Pimenta | Diter Rot | Mimmo Rotella | Alain Satié
Kurt Schwitters | Michel Seuphor | Mary Ellen Solt | Adriano Spatola | Daniel Spoerri
Sugár Andor | Székely Ákos | Szilágyi Ákos | Szkárosi Endre | Tamkó Sirató Károly
Salette Tavares | f. Tóth Árpád | Tristan Tzara | Paul de Vree | Weöres Sándor
Emmett Williams | Il'ja Zsdanevics

Visible Sound

Poetry: energy transmission. Sound: energy transmitter. The poetry of sound: the total communication of the spirit force. The poet (artist) does not own it: he or she is simply a temporary owner, mediator and initiated medium of the flow of spiritual energy. The cosmic space of this energy is not far: we are standing in it with our two feet. In order to intercept and use its friendly power we have poetry as a mediator with its sensitive neurological system and agile linguistic universe: that of words-images-sounds. An unexpected manifestation of thus far unseen, unheard and unperceived things and phenomena allows a momentary glimpse into the operation of one of the corners of the world, witnessed by the eyes and ears of the poet: hidden and unknown energies pass through the thus resulting transient fissure, energies that the poet intercepts and formulates into an audible/visible language: through this poetic-artistic linguistic operation he renders perceptible and intelligible the spiritual force inherent in sensory realization in the domain of human interaction.

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