Artpool events - 4 March 1993 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. - Artpool Archive


One night exhibition and video performance by Vernita Nemec

Vernita Nemec lives in New York City and has been making art all her life. She has been exhibiting her art since 1970 and in 1980 created a performance and an exhibition at Fiatal Művészek Klubja. In 1986 she received a Jerome Foundation Fellowship for her performance art. Nemec feels her art and her life to be one and is open to using whatever materials necessary to create her artwork. This is her 3rd visit to Hungary. [invitation]


The beginning was before what you see here. The beginning was before the beginning, but the beginning of this moment was fragments of images combined and layered over pools of paint. The process continues through layers of translation from positive to negative to positive, from medium to small to large, from paint and collage to reproductions and finally, installation. And still to come, a record of the moment that exists as an assembly in space, caught on film, confronted by the viewer or ignored, as the wine is sipped, the cheese is eaten and whatever is remembered of that night is remembered as we talk about what we did yesterday and who we met and later became friends with.

My brain imagines memories
Unconscious associations
of how it might feel
of what might happen


The blades threaten
sharp or dull
Memories of myself
a child watching Daddy shave
a young woman watching
my first lover
of shaving legs and armpits

Sexual associations.

The straight razor
that shaves the patient
the surgical blade itself
the life-threatening blade
across the wrist or more
surreally through the eye.

Sudden death.

The fantasy is powerful
Fantasies of exploring
that cutting edge
it's horror
it's thrill...

How sharp is it really?

Vernita Nemec

Vernita Nemec       A. Bán,   T. St.Auby       M. Valkó,   J. Klaniczay,   Zs. Károlyi

Rudolf Ungváry - from the video.

Vernita Nemec (Vernita N'Cognita)

Artpool events - 4 March 1993 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. - Artpool Archive

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