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“Self-Assembling Afternoons” – with the presentation of the life-work of Miklós Erdély - lectures, slide projections, meetings, video performances – the inaccessable documents had finally became researchable.

Other events: “Nomad Manoeuvre or the Virtual Protocol”, “Loose Texts”, “Polyphonix Festival”

March–June 1994


Meetings, lectures and discussions have taken place in the Artpool in order to reveal and made researchable the life-work of Miklós Erdély. During the whole series of lectures changing exhibitions from the artist’s original works, slides, videos became public.These documents can be seen on videos or copies in the Artpool. [original invitation]

18 March 1994

Lecture by János SUGÁR (media-artist) on UFO (a painting by Miklós Erdély)

25 March 1994

Lecture by László BEKE (art-historian) on the anecdote

13 April 1994

Lecture by Péter GYÖRGY (aesthete) on cultural canon, identity, double-meaning and the integration of the avantgarde [original invitation]

15 April 1994

Lecture by Pál NAGY (writer) and literary performance [original invitation]

20 April 1994

Illustrated lecture by Péter BERÉNYI (mathematician) on the mathematical wording possibility of the real world and on the not real existing of the visible world. [original invitation]

22 April 1994

Lecture by Ákos Birkás (artist) on the personality of Miklós ERDÉLY and on the inherences of painting. [original invitation]

29 April 1994

“A Half of a Man is hidden by a Screen”

Projection of the videocopy of the film entitled Visuality Creativity and some fragments by Dóra MAURER (media-artist) about the common circle with Miklós ERDÉLY. “… the elaboration was only a self-conditioning process, because in the meantime everything had changed” [original invitation]

13 May 1994


meeting of the participants of the course entitled “FANTÁZIAFEJLESZTŐ GYAKORLATOK ” (FANTASY-IMPROVING EXERCISES). Thought motivator: a treatise – published in 1983 in the periodical called MAGYAR MŰHELY (Vol.67) – by Ildikó ENYEDI (film-director) upon the pedagogical activity of Miklós ERDÉLY. “The more unforeseen possibilities are revealed the more succesful in the artistic as well as the scientific work” [original invitation]

10 June 1994

“The INDIGO and”…

a lecture by János SUGÁR (media artist) on the INDIGO Circle (INterDIszciplináris GOndolkodók, Interdisciplinary Thinkers). [original invitation]

17 June 1994

“The INDIGO and”

meeting with László RÉVÉSZ (media-artist) and those who cherished the memory of Miklós Erdély [original invitation]

24 June 1994

“The INDIGO and”

reminiscent performance of András BÖRÖCZ (sculptor) [original invitation]

16 July 1994 (New Kapolcs Gallery)


Passivity Exercise, video event – field-work by GYÖRGY GALÁNTAI (“…passivity is loose assignment to the impressions which is as important part of the artistic work as activity itself.” Miklós ERDÉLY)

Galántai used the videocopy of Erdély’s film, “The Traintrip” in a live videoinstallation where he mixed the faces of the passive audience with the original pictures of the film in a way where the presence of Miklós ERDÉLY was preserved.

related writings: “Ismeretelméleti tézisek” (Thesis on the Theory of Knowledge), “A költészet mint ön-összeszerelő rendszer” (Poetry as a Self-Assembling System)

20, 21 November and 18, 19 December 1994, 10–11 a.m.


at the Radio Petőfi and Radio Bartók. Broadcasts of soundworks by Miklós ERDÉLY and some other artists from the Sound Archives of Artpool with commentary by György GALÁNTAI. [original invitation]


11 May 1994, 4 p.m. (Írók Boltja, Budapest)


György KONRÁD (writer) presented the bookwork of Péter Forgács, György Galántai and György Petri. The Visual Arts Research Studio of the Arizona State University concieved a collaborative project for a bookwork in 1989. The topic was “Freedom/Oppression: Central European Artists in Response”. Artpool was requested to take part and help to select the participating Hungarian artists of the opposition. [original invitation]

30 May 1994., 4 p.m.


Festive opening of the Consulate of the Nomad Territories in Budapest. The ambassadors of the Territories - the members of the INTER/LE LIEU artist collective - issued passports for those who applied for citizenship. Videos from the performances and installations of the group. (more)

24 September–9 October 1994 (Liszt Ferenc Square)


Open air text-exhibition as an event of the Budapest Autumn Festival. György KOZMA, Juszuf ANTAL and Gábor TÓTH made a performance on the opening of the exhibition.

2–6 October (Kolibri Theatre/Institute of France/Kolibri Pince)


In the frame of the Budapest Autumn Festival, cooperating with the Association Polyphonix (Paris). Lectures at three places on three topic: “EVENING OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOUND-POETRY”, “FILM AND POETRY”, “TRANSFUTURIST SOUNDS” , with the participation of 22 artists from 9 country. The documentation of the festival can be found in the catalogue entitled POLYPHONIX 26 - BUDAPEST.

25 October 1994., 6 p.m. (University of Fine Arts in Budapest)

Performance and a slide-projecting lecture (title: “The Mail Art and its connections with the Fluxus, Performance and alternative arts”) by John HELD Jr. (USA) [original invitation]

26 October–25 November 1994

The Artpool exhibited the Mail Art works of John HELD Jr. (USA) and a videoshow from his earlier performances. (web)