14 March - 28 May 2006, Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana

Interrupted Histories / Historiae interruptae

The Interrupted Histories exhibition is the third show in a series of exhibitions staged by Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, entitled Arteast Exhibitions.
The exhibition, among others, deals with spaces of interrupted collective histories and with spaces of "little histories"of the 70s and 80s of the Eastern Bloc Countries. In this period in particular neo-avant-garde artists were most often their own historians and archivists - sais Zdenka Badovinac curator of the exhibition, who discovered Artpool's Active Archive conception on the  net and invited to the show.
The projects selected were: the "
Balatonboglár Chapel Studio" from the 70s and the "Hungary Can Be Yours" exhibition from the 80s.

Pictures from the exhibition: on the walls some documents from the Balatonboglár Chapel Studio. On the boards a travelling version of the Hungary exhibition, with works illustrating the report of the secret police agent. In the show-cases selection from Hungarian samizdat art publications from the 80s. Some publications as the World Art Post catalogue, the Commonpress 51 Mail Art magazine, issues 10 and 11 of Artpool Letter - can be leafed by the public.

Artpool's material has been selected and installed by: György Galántai
Photos: Júlia Klaniczay

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