ARTPOOL - The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe
History of an active archive for producing, networking, curating, and researching art since 1970


November 2013

Kristine Stiles (on facebook)
An astonishing document of 40 years of the history of ARTPOOL, the avant-garde Hungarian alternative space, archive, producer and curator of experiments, and much more, including a unique world center for Mail Art, founded and administrated by György Galántai and Julia Klaniczay - a must read! CONGRATULATIONS György AND Julia!!!!

Jasmina Tumbas (on facebook)
I cannot wait to see it.

Reed Altemus
Congratulations on your book!
Best wishes,

Barbara Rosenthal (on facebook)
Fantastic!! Many congratulations!! You, my dear György and Julia are most wonderful! Your dedication over the years, against all odds, has made me admire you so much!! I am SO PROUD that Artpool has the largest holdings of my works, in all of Europe, and I will ALWAYS remember what fantastic hosts you were to me and Bill Creston (And 3 children!!!) when we came in 1996. I've been coming across your name Galántai as I've been working to make my archives into text, as well, and so astonished and pleased to see the number of shows and events we were in together during the late 70's and forward, that I didn't even know we were, at the time!!! (I will send you the full documetation list of the hundreds of publications and catalogs, when all are complete within the next few months.xoxoxoxxoxoxo

jacques juin
thanks for this information ... looks good
keep on good work

g.j. de rook
... kind regards and congratulations!

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
dear friends
it looks splendid...

grazie infinite

anton roca
Dear Julia and György
... Thanks for your work in all this years. You're like a reference point in the heart of Europe.

Kind regards
anton roca, mental permanent factory

James Felter
Congratulations to you both and to your assistants - a superb work!

William S. Wilson
Julia: in my 82nd year I have to keep events simple, so tell me the simplest way to order your book. ... Keeping it simple in a confused old age -- thrilled with the documentation which I have seen downloaded, but eager to share images with visitors: Bill

William S. Wilson
I will anyway start an envelope of miscellaneous stuff but will be slow --- to mail it...
you continue the story of Ray Johnson's life by acting in a spirit with values which do not betray his values -- I am rather slow these days, but will go downstairs and add to an envelope which won't ripen for an interim which will turn out to be just right: Many loves -- Bill

Mario Lara
Julia & Gyorgy,
Congratulations on the publication of your seminal tome. I look forward to exploring the (pdf) history of ARTPOOL. Thanks for including me as well.

Best Regards,
Mario Lara,

Klara Kemp-Welch
Dear Julia,
Congratulations on this wonderful publication!

Julien Blaine
Comment l’obtenir ?

Mes amitiés intenses pour vous 2

Ginny Lloyd
Hello Julia and György,

Kudos! An amazing book and what a large volume of activities. ...
Ginny Lloyd

Van McElwee
Congratulations! I hope you're staying warm.


Vernita Nemec
Dear Julia & Gyory
Congratulations & hope to see you again one day!
I performed at Artpool in '96 I think or so that Ban Andras made happen -
perhaps a one night-er installation & I think I did a performance but maybe not.
How time flies.
& thank you for publishing an interview of me that night on Utube!!!
Vernita Nemec AKA N'Cognita

Jean-François Robic
WONDERFUL ! Thanks for this new Flux Bible !

Jean-François Robic
artiste - membre du groupe Le Faisant
professeur des universités
membre du CRAE :

Dr. Klaus Groh
dear Julia - dear György,

GREAT, what you have realized- It really is a monument of world wide value!! Thanks for me and the whole art-world.
... The whole last day I was looking through your century-work. Nearly unbelievable....GREAT!

I wish you a piano sunday.
All the best dreams and thanks again.-

Bruno Chiarlone
Grande lavoro, bravi!
Almeno un mio lavoro potevate pubblicarlo...

ciao ciao
Bruno Chiarlone Chiarlone.html

Bartolomé Ferrando
Thank you for your information
With best wishes

Bartolomé Ferrando documents/Ferrando-w.html

Jürgen O. Olbrich
Thanks for your mail + congratulations for your publication!! I hope, it will be a big success!

All the very best
Jürgen O. Olbrich J%C3%BCrgen_O._Olbrich

Daniel Grun
Best wishes,
Daniel Grun

Jean Sellem

Your publication is a very important document in the history of
Eastern European avant-garde art and internationally.
I wish you great success [---]
Bien amicalement,
(Archive of Experimental and Marginal Art)

Juliane Debeusscher
Congratulations for this great achievement!
I am really looking forward to read the digital version,

All my best to you Julia and György,

David Dellafiora
Dear Julia & Gyorgy
Well done on the wonderful new Artpool publication, its so good to know that a documentation has been made covering all the years of hard work you have both put into the network.
Would be excellent to include some details about in in your pages for the next Field Report.

Hear from you both soon
All my best wishes

Ruud Janssen
Hello Artpool,
We would love to have the printed version of the book in our TAM-Archive. ...
Already had a look through the PDF file. You did one hell of a job there!

Im am impressed!
With best wishes,
Ruud Janssen

Keith Buchholz
Julia and Gyorgy.
Congratulations on the Beautiful book !!!! [...]

Peace and Flux, - Keith Buchholz.html

Bengt Adlers
Dear Friends,
Great Book & Great Work!

Keith Bates
Hello Julia and György,
Many thanks for your email about your new publication, I congratulate you on completing such an excellent and comprehensive tome, it is wonderful! Many thanks too for allowing users to download the PDF version which I am finding absolutely fascinating and shall treasure.

Finally, thank you for including some of my work in this huge volume, I always feel very honoured to be a part of your projects.

Very best wishes,

fernanda fedi and gino gini
our compliments..wonderful work
fernanda fedi and gino gini 10fed_gin_cs.pdf MD87.html MD86.html

Willie Marlowe
Dear Julia and Gyorgy,
CONGRATULATIONS on the publication!
This is a monumental achievement for ART!
I wish you every success with this amazing

My very best to you both,

Tulio Restrepo
Great work!... thank you for share this amazing historic and actual document.

All the best!
Tulio Restrepo
Zona Postal Mail Art

Guy Bleus
Hello Julia & György,
Thanks for the information about this new ARTPOOL Archives book!
Herewith I give my felicitations to ARTPOOL, to you, for this excellent, great work.
I’m very honoured to be part of your research work! [...]

With kind regards, luck&energy,

ARTPOOL - The Book

"Artpool: The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe" is a colorful climax in the bibliography of the Eternal Netland. Everyone interested in the activities of (post)conceptual art - i.e. mail art, performance art, artist's publications, fluxus, artistic communication, etc - cannot ignore this volume of 536 vivid pages. It gives not only the history of 'Artpool' (1979-1991) and the 'Artpool Art Research Center' (1992-2011), but also focuses on György Galántai's activities of the early seventies. With exquisite texts, documents and illustrations this book explores the roots of experimental art and gives plenty of meaningful information for art researchers. If this book was not written, it should have been. Immerse yourself in this wonderful bookwork, you won't regret it.
While enjoying this amazing volume I look forward for 'Artpool - The Book: Part II'.
Guy Bleus - 42.292
Winter 2013

Dmitry Babenko (on Facebook)
Beautiful book Babenko.html

Andrej Tisma (on Facebook)
great that you have put the book online

Edward Kulemin (on Facebook)
"когда-то участвовал в нескольких проектах этой организации - "

December 2013

Reid Wood
Dear Julia and György,

Thanks for the link to the book ... you did a wonderful job with it. I downloaded the pdf file, and I am sending you some of my small books in thanks for your work.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Niels Lomholt
Dear Julia and György,
The book arrived today. Thank you very much.
It is a heavy document, I look forward to spend some Christmas days in good company with your book.

Merry Christmas and a Good New year.

Harald Falckenberg
Dear Julia Klaniczay,
many thanks for the wonderful book. I´ve studied it already and the book will be constant par of our library.

Harald Falckenberg

Jürgen Olbrich
your big, big catalogue just arrived: Thanks!!!!
What a moster effort!!!
It will take me some nights to look through it all.
And I will have fun!
Thanks so much for it!!!
All the very best + keep me informed

Luc Fierens
Dear Julia
Received the book today, wonderful ! thanks
best wishes

Luc Fierens

Boris Nieslony
Got it - big big thanks - have to look and to read
warm greetings

E.P.I. Zentrum / ASA-European

Keith Bates
Hello Julia and György,
My sincere thanks for the copy of your wonderful book, it arrived here safely today! What a marvellous history of Artpool, and of Mail Art. It's full of real treasures, some of which I recognize and many I'm not familiar with. I read quite a bit of the PDF version and it's absolutely fascinating, so the book will be my big Christmas holiday read! Fabulous layout and nice quality printing too. Wow!

And thanks again for featuring some of my work in your mighty tome, it is such an honour to be included.

Very best,

René Block
Dear Julia,
today I have received the book. Thank You.
Very impressive after the first view.

Whish you nice holidays

Judit Bodor (on facebook)
Artpool's publication just arrived in the post! No.142 from 500 printed copies - perfect Christmas present! Feel very lucky that I had a chance to work there as a young art historian back in the early 2000s ... an education that no university course could match for sure ... through them I got in touch with the most amazing artists in the world who don't need galleries to approve their value, learnt about networks, curating and most of all integrity at all costs. Thank you Julia Klaniczay Artpool Art Research Center — with Roddy Hunter.

Klara Kemp-Welch
Dear Julia and Gyorgy,

Your book has arrived! It is fantastic - so much precious information and such wonderful images.
I'm so pleased you've produced it and feel totally inspired to get down to writing Networking the Bloc and especially your chapter.

Thank you for the kind dedication!
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Piotr Piotrowski
Dear Julia, I got it. Thank you so much. It's very well done job.
Congratulation. All best wishes to you and Gyorgy, Piotr

Rod Summers
The book has arrived and I am deeply impressed. THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE DOCUMENT.
I was at the Jan van Eyck Academy today talking to the director and told him about the publication, he told me the academy will order one for the library so I forwarded him your original letter.

Many thanks, I will send you some new VEC stuff in the next couple of days.

All Best greetings

Robert Bonaccorsi
Je vous remercie vivement pour l’envoi de votre récente publication.
Je vais vous faire parvenir quelques exemplaires de nos catalogues.
Avec mes remerciements, je vous adresse mes sincères salutations.

Robert Bonaccorsi
Villa Tamaris centre d'art

Jasmina Tumbas
Dear Julia,
I received the copy in the mail this week - THANK YOU SO MUCH!
The book looks marvelous. CONGRATULATIONS!

Have a wonderful winter season. Best,


Reed Altemus
Dear Julia and Gyorgy,
I received the book this morning. Thank you. It's a wonderful documentation of your activities at Artpool. Best wishes for the future.

Thanks again and best for 2014.
Reed Altemus

Dr. Kristine Stiles
Dear Julia & György,
Your magnificent book arrived about five minutes ago and I am rushing to thank you. It is absolutely splendid! I am so proud and moved to have been chosen to write the Forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and CONGRATULATIONS on this spectacular achievement.

Warm embrace. Here's to a wonderful year ahead for you both.

Much love,

W. Mark Sutherland
Catalogue arrived safe and sound!
Congratulations, it looks fantastic!

Thank you!


Marvin A Sackner
Dear Julia:
I received the book it’s wonderful! Congratulations!

Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry

Ginny Lloyd
Hello Julia and Gyorgy,
The book is a massive edition and very impressive. You documented so much activity – awesome! Thank you!

Ginny Lloyd
Facebook: ginnylloyd
Twitter: ginny_lloyd

January 2014

Jean Sellem
Chère Julia et György
Just a few lines to confirm that I receive your magnificent publication. I wish you great success and hope to have once the opportunity to visit Budapest and the pleasure to meet you.
I must tell you in passing that since my youth I have a very special affection for Hungary. Just after the war, I was in a pension with Hungarian Jewish children who lost their parents. Claudio, one of them, had only a leg. I also remember that sometimes we eat together strange Hungarian food. I think noodles with jam of blackberries. I don’t know if this is a culinary specialty in Hungary.
Much later in the course of my life, when the iron curtain still existed, I met Endre Tót and presented early his work at my art space.

Avec le profond de l’amitié,

Emilio e Franca Morandi
carissimi julia e gyorgy

con grande piacere abbiamo ricevuto il fantastico libro
"artpool - the experimental art archive"
bellissima pubblicazione, immenso lavoro, complimenti.
dopo una attenta lettura sara' inserito nell'archivio di artestudio morandi

grazie per aver dato alla storia una testimonianza degli artisti indipendenti.

un forte abbraccio e auguri per un anno pieno d'arte
emilio e franca morandi

Vittore Baroni
Dear Julia & Gyorgy,
your wonderful book has safely arrived here, THANKS a lot, I’m glad to have it in the archive!
I will send you soon some of my recent publications,

All the best for 2014!

Rod Summers / VEC
Hi, I wrote a lot more about the book than is here :-) I went through the text I had written with a virtual thick red pencil and threw out more than half of it. I hope what I have written here will be of some use to you in promoting the valuable and deeply interesting publication. My thanks again for sending it.


Every book should be a voyage of exploration and Artpool the Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe is a splendid document of one man’s pioneering expedition through virtually the complete history of Experimental Art. This richly illustrated document of one man’s experiment in art is a masterpiece and an all-encompassing masterwork at that. From the repressive politics of the cold war era to the blossoming of the freedoms of expression experienced in the West, Galántai’s journey has been exquisite and this book reflects that perfectly. But the book is more than one person’s involvement in art evolution from the Seventies up to the present day; it is a document of what is widely recognised as one of the greatest archives of the work of international artists over the last 45 years.

It might be asked “Experimental art who needs it?” Well art needs it, art, be it fine art, music, theatre or literature is the highest achievement of human evolution and experimental art is the creative laboratory which seeds the art of the evolutionary future.

If Life is Art then this book is a perfect document of an art life, a unique and valuable resource. If you are interested in Art then this book will be of considerable and continuous interest to you.

Julien Blaine
oh lala
The big artpool archive
quelle belle réussite
Merci (bis)
je viens de le finir
merci (terr)


Susan L. Jarosi
Dear Julia,

Congratulations on the publication of the ARTPOOL book -- what an exceptional accomplishment.

Many thanks,

Susan L. Jarosi
Associate Professor & Art History Program Director
Department of Fine Arts
University of Louisville

Jon Hendricks
Dear Julia and Gyorgy,

I did indeed receive your fantastic book and treasure it. Thank you so much. I've told everyone to buy it and hopefully MoMA has followed my advice. Tell me if they haven't and I will get after them.

It's a great record of your dedication and devotion to new art, and you are both to be greatly congratulated.

With warm regards,

Anna Banana
Dear Julia & Gyorgy,

GREAT NEWS! I so look forward to seeing it. [...]
Congratulations on getting it together . . . I know how much time and effort goes into such a publication.

very best wishes for 2014,


Anna Banana

Geoffrey Hendricks
Dear Julia and György,

That's wonderful news about the book being finished. [...]
I very much look forward to seeing it! It sounds as though it will have a wealth of information.

With best regards,

Geoffrey Hendricks
PS: I'll get some material for the archive off to you soon.

Ed Varney
Julia and Gyorgy,

WOW, the book looks great. I would be honored to receive a copy and will send you a bunch of stuff. [...]

Your friend,

Stephen Perkins
Julia and György:

How nice to hear from you and congratulations on the book - your incredible work of over 4 decades absolutely deserves a book!! [ ...]

Naturally I would love to have a copy of the book. And I will send you a packet of new artworks and stuff. [...]

Wishing you both a creative year!



Roksana Filipowska (on Facebook)
"THRILLED to be included in this book--Congratulations to Julia Klaniczay and --
György Galántai, as well as Dora Halasi and everyone at Artpool, on this publication!"


Dear Julia,

[...] Congratulations again on the book--it looks great and is an obvious product of passion and hard work. [...]

Best wishes,

Hannah Higgins
Hello Julia, This looks wonderful!
I really look forward to reading this, in part because Kristine is the very best scholar of this material that I know of. I remember my visit with Dick to Artpool so fondly. We made that trip just a few years before he died.

Warmly, Hannah

Peter Weibel
Dear Julia Klaniczay,
dear György Galántai,

Thank you very much for sending me your wonderful book. I am very impressed.

I will forward your wishlist to the head of our library, Petra Zimmermann. She will contact you directly.

Bet regards
Peter Weibel

ZKM|Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

Ae Phor (Peter Haining)
Hello Julia & Gyorgy –


Your book is an epic & very powerful piece of work – a celebration & concrete consolidation of Artpool’s creative effort throughout the course of your lives. Your enduring partnership is woven through Artpool’s history so much so that within these pages it is evident that Artpool would not exist without the strength of the other.

This book – like Artpool - is a great resource as well as a triumph of perseverance & focused labour & I feel proud to be a tiny part of such a huge achievement.

I have distributed the pdf to a few friends & will likely pass it to a few more over the course of the next few months. This digital format is a fantastic way of making distribution so simple – accessible – possible – so much so that one is left thinking that there is little to be gained in making an expensive printed publication that costs so much to distribute BUT there is something very tangible textural & concrete in the solidity of the book as medium – vehicle – carrier of ideas. [...]

At this exact moment in time I have reached page 250 so I still have a ways to go. I like the historical drift that this book gives as it travels from the 1970s to the present day through the associated pattern of technology. This has been a very stimulating period for an artist.

Take care & once again – GOOD WORK!

Emilio e Franca Morandi
Carissimi Julia e Gyorgy

Le parole non possono esprimere i sentimenti dell'animo umano e le forti emozioni nel leggere il vpostro book "Artpool" dove è specchiata la vostra vita tutta dedicata alla experimental art and research, fluxus, visual poetry, installations, performances, audio art, video art, investigation art, communication and planetary art, sin dalla metà del secolo scorso e del nuovo millennio, con grande amore per l'arte, naturalmente con molto ostacoli, accompagnando molti artisti.
Bellissima la vostra vita, una coppia fantastica con una immensa dedizione ad un progetto stupefacente per l'arte futura, per una nuova coscienza estetica ed etica.

Noi vi ringraziamo per la dura lotta per creare attraverso l'arte una coscienza di individui liberi e persone creative libere.


Un forte abbraccio
Emilio e Franca Morandi

February 2014

aitch [Peter haining]
Hello Julia & Gyorgy – Thank you!
Your magnificent book is here. It arrived safely yesterday & it was a joy to unwrap – the way the zipper divided the cardboard outer shell was extremely satisfying.
You are right – of course – the pleasure of feeling the weight of a book in one’s hands & flicking through the pages to create a kinetic artwork can never be achieved digitally. A book lives in all dimensions whereas digital space is very 2-dimensional & ephemeral. My only criticism is that the book does not have a hard cover to support its weight & make it more ergonomically workable. I realise that economics would have played a part in your design of the book & that minimising the weight to keep postal costs down would also have contributed to your thinking. It is a great achievement & again you are both to be seriously congratulated.

Anna Banana
Dear Julia and Gyorgy,

On the realization of your tremendous efforts and research, and the production of this FABULOUS catalog of your activities over 50 years of mail-art networking, events and performances by visiting artists. I can't wait to sit down with it and read, read, read. This book makes Budapest the MECCA of these art forms, and I'm sure will result in an influx of artists and researchers wanting to witness the wonder of your archive.

all best wishes,

Anna Banana

Geoffrey Hendricks
Dear György and Júlia,

The catalog, your history of ARTPOOL, arrived today. It's BEAUTIFUL!
Such a comprehensive publication and filled with many memories for me.
Many thanks!

Warmest regards,

Stephen Perkins
Dear Julia and György:

The book arrived the other day, what a fantastic piece of documentation, history, networking and art!

I'm so proud for you and all the work that is contained in the book that is now accessible to people who want to know about the special place you have created in Artpool.

It looks like I will be retiring from my job in about a year's time and I want to travel and meet people in Eastern Europe and Hungary and Artpool (and Geza Perneczky) are some of the places and people I want to meet!

To the future!

my best wishes,


March 2014

Jean-Noël Laszlo
Bonjour à vous deux,

... je suis très heureux et très honoré de figurer dans une publication comme la votre.
j'ai eu la chance de participer à votre histoire qui je le pense est une partie de l'Histoire de l'art .