The stamp-edition is the monopoly of state. A piece of independence. A piece of sovereignty. A piece of exclusiveness. A piece of law.

To make stamp means: to create value. To make stamp means: to substitute value for.

The stamp is an opening. It is an opening to show that, what is important. To show that, what is not important. To demonstrate our fantasy.

Stamps are facts. Stamps are ideas. Stamps are indications to codification. Stamps are indications to innovation.

The stamp is such a picture, which not raises a claim to manage it as a picture, while state-power strives to monopolize the conceptual definition of the so called “picture”. Stamp may resist this, if it is not a production of a state-monopoly.

Therefore I made stamps.

Gabor Tóth | ParaStamp | web

Gabor Toth is a visual and experimental poet living and working in Budapest.

This essay was published in: World Art Post, Artpool, Budapest, 1982, pp. 6.       <>

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