This CD-ROM presents the plan of a multimedia installation designed by József Tasnádi that will be displayed in Graz, Austria in 2003. In a coordinate system composed of a surface of clouds and raindrops, we are waiting for the rain, that means waiting for the surface to become interactive. Clicking does not help, we can do nothing but wait, or is there anything wrong? 'Exit' appears on the screen at last, we are free to leave. But, burning with curiosity, we are eager to go on, and the suspicion that the artist has a purpose with us only strengthens our resolve. While waiting we quickly leaf through the booklet attached to the CD-ROM, and thus everything becomes clear at once: delay is but the artist's intention - the slow process of rain forming is a symbol of the question's taking shape in our heads: what are we waiting for? And little by little the menu is being formed on top of the screen, and we start to read what we have already read: the theory on which the installation is based saying that the cloud is the metaphor of the web, and the rain stands for the question, and all these in concert make up the flow and exchange of information. That is the idea that the work, an interactive cloud, having been assembled of plastic and electronic parts on the spot, will demonstrate to a skilled audience: on registering motion this symbolic yet material cloud will rain question drops from a question container.