to set off the network construction


Every artist and non-artist of the world is invited to participate in the project, if he/she understands what it is about.

The project has NO SUBJECT-MATTER,

(only a title: setting off the network construction “CHANCE FUTURE”) therefore all participants have to send the information or document which is/ was the most important - for them at the moment

Prospective participants are expected to reflect on how - and how much - the past and the future determine the present.

The project is open from January 1 to December 31, 2000.

Aspects of the treatment: the time of mailing and delivery, the contents of the shipment, current events of (local or global) art, science and/or politics; coincidences with the other shipment of the same or the previous day, and/or with any following shipment. In the course of the treatment, all the information coming from the participants, just like molecules in the “primary soup”, during their free (random) motion will find, in the poetic sense, their “geometric space”, and so they will all become parts of the self-assembling poetry (or chance story).

The project will be open to the public through exhibitions and accidental events in the Artpool P60 exhibition space. At the same time, on the internet, a diary of chance will be kept.

I owe the expressions “self-assembling poetry” and “diary of chance” to Miklós Erdély and László Beke, respectively / copy this paper and forward it to your best friends /

best regards: György Galántai