Art supplement for AL 7, p. 5 /In memoriam Sándor Altorjai/

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Miklós Erdély: Failed

Falsifying history fails.
Organs are wedged in-between
the not-yet and the already deceased.

In-between the not-yet deceased too, if
one of them lets it happen. And the other one
hates it that the one tolerates it.

Suicide also fails if
the organs do not function properly.
200 sleeping pills... what’s that to a strained liver?!

If the organs do not tolerate the other
sprinkling the paddles with chamomile
to make a memory, then there is no memory. There is presence.

The willingness to cooperate is to no avail:
self-discipline, self-censorship, suicide.
There are no dead. There is ever-intensifying liveliness.

The closed warm picture, the covered
waver cut the rope.
Today the cancer is a watermelon.

And all this is not in retrospect. It is now.


English translation by Krisztina Sarkady-Hart, 2021

The exhibition of Sándor Altorjai at Artpool P60 (1998) was opened by Tamás St.Auby when he performed this poem (in three different ways) in Hungarian:


Contributor: Eike Berg