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The parts of the Poipoidrom


The hallway of permanent creation.


We would like to know the activity of your life and the art form it is connected with. When you next come, feel free to bring a photo of yourself during work.


We wonder what you have to add to this room: the Hall of Proverbs. The wisdom of a nation consists of such things. In the Poipoishop (the black room in front of you) you will find all kinds of material that you might need.


We would like to know if you have the same feeling as we do: the (green) road, for everybody and everything, to surpass the contradiction between POIPOI (blue) and ANTI-POIPOI (ochre) is creativity itself. If you do feel the same, go ahead and provide an illustration of it.


This is the PoiPoicabinet. It is here to provide documents and inform you about our historical approach concerning what we call the permanent creation - leading from the (blue) POIPOI, through the (ochre) ANTIPOIPOI, all the way to the (green) POST-POIPOI. At one point you can also add something somehow since this Real Space-Time Poipoidrom No. 1.

Poipoi studio

This is no other place than your own studio. Its small size might be startling but you are free to consider your own home as the expansion of the POIPOI STUDIO. In fact, there is nothing you have to "learn" to join the actions and conceptual activities of the PoiPoidrom. What you know is enough. Which does not at all mean that you should be satisfied with that. Poipoidrom is not based on any specific body of knowledge, however, it does not refuse such things.

The Actual Poipoidrom

Facing the Poipoiegg, just like us, you can also inhale the information coming from your closed long circuit/long short circuit, or you can meditate and conjure all sorts of methods and ways how to replace our suggestions and objects with your suggestions and objects. Keep in mind that your own home can be considered as the expansion of the POIPOI STUDIO. And after all, who would be unable to obtain, from around the neighborhood, at least one egg?

Source of the texts and illustrations concerning the Poipoidrom: "1/2 + 1/2 = filliou/pfeufer - Le [ou la] Poïpoïdrome à Espace-Temps Réel Prototype 00" catalogue, Yellow Now, Liège, 1975) The description of the parts comes from the Budapest exhibition in 1976. (English translation by Bea Hock)

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