Installation Project 98 · Installáció Projekt 98

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(11) Do you like making installation for order or at request? (→ selected answers)

Tiziana BARACCHI (I): - I like making installations myself but I am happy when people order or request.

Vittore BARONI (I): - Why not, sure.

Lilian A. BELL (USA): - No installations for order or request. The idea must have a life of its own, take over the “project” and become spontaneous. The original concept of “the project” should be infused with life.

Derek Michael BESANT (CDN/MEX): - It depends.

David BORAWSKI (USA): - Sometimes, because it gets me to think about a situation that I may not have.

Ioan BUNUS (D/F): - NATURALLY if there is money I will do anything to satisfy the client. Supposing I don't get disappointed of the customer's (client's) personality, because that may happen, too!

Billy X. CURMANO (USA): - Installations by order or request are possible when the artist and patron have a clear understanding of the parameters of the project.

H. R. FRICKER (CH): - As long as it is part of my artistic strategy, why not?

György GALÁNTAI (H): - A request or an order may either come from outside or inside. If the customer is good the order is good, too, and the work is done with pleasure.

István GELLÉR B. (H): - I used to work for my own requests which I happily fulfill.

Emily JOE (I): - At request by artist friends, communities, galleries, art critics.

Dobrica KAMPERELIC (SRB): - No, I don't like making installation for order or at request, it restricts me, so I always like to make it for myself based on my own idea/concept.

Péter KECSKÉS (H): - No, unless the request would inspire me to create new works.

Július KOLLER (SK): - For order, yes, but the best for me is my own impulse.

Ruggero MAGGI (I): - I like making installation for love!

Dany McCARTHY (IRL): - Yes. Definitely please ask me. Anywhere, anytime.

Willi R. MELNIKOV-STARQUIST (RUS): - We have no choice between the order and request in Russia. Russian artists usually work according to their creative inspirations but in this case they have no chance to sell the works. And a request may be a restriction of the author's ideas but it's a single way for the artist to survive and to go on with his work.

Luca MITI (I): - I have never been asked for this before, so I am curious. But usually I don't like to make anything for order or at request.

Emilio MORANDI (I): - I make installations in any type of environment if it corresponds to my communicative necessities, also at request.

Tatsumi ORIMOTO (J): - I never made one for order.

Alberto RIZZI (I): - It depends on the topic.

Péter RÓNAI (SK): - Not willingly - but in this matter there isn't a big crowd around me.

(12) What do you think of preserving an installation?

(13) Can the value of an installation be estimated and how?

(14) How does copyright apply to installations preserved only in documents?

(2) Why did you choose to make installations and not anything else?

(3) What do you think of your own works?

(4) What do you think the difference is between your own work and other installations?

(5) What do you think of the relationship of traditional artwork and installation?

(6) What is the size and material of an installation determined by?

(7) Could you mention the installation you consider to be the largest and the smallest one?

(8) Is there any object or idea that cannot be installed?

(9) How does environment affect the installation of the work?

(10) Do you know any fact that restricts the possibilities of installation?