Installation Project 98 · Installáció Projekt 98

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(9) How does environment affect the installation of the work? (→ selected answers)

AKENATON / DOC/K/S (F): - The installation is not “affected” by the environment, it is part of it, it “installs” it.

Tiziana BARACCHI (I): - Art and nature installations live together in perfect harmony.

Vittore BARONI (I): - If the relationship between environmental conditions and art installation are not carefully considered beforehand by the artist, that will be a rather poor and incomplete kind of installation.

Lilian A. BELL (USA): - The environment imposes its will on objects, artists and observers.

David BORAWSKI (USA): - By forcing the issue of “Art” upon the non-art materials.

Monty CANTSIN (CDN): - Makes it better.

Bruno CAPATTI (I): - Installation is a “part” of an environment; with this, the “Gestalt” of the environment, changes.

Patricia COLLINS (GB): - It is essential, an inspiration, integral.

Geoffrey COOK (USA): - In order for the installation to succeed it can not conflict with the environment.

Billy X. CURMANO (USA): - Art, in this case installation, should interact symbiotically with its environment.

György GALÁNTAI (H): - In installing the p r o p e r linking points come into existence by the l i m i t a t i o n of the environment, which makes environment essential.

Miroslav KLIVAR (CZ): - Environmental effect is a necessary value in an installation.

Sabrina LINDEMANN (NL): - It will be a part of it.

Michael LUMB (GB): - Preferably, installations should be site-specific.

Ruggero MAGGI (I): - Environment is everything for an installation.

SALA 1 / Mary Angela SCHROTH (I): - Environment should be the most important aspect of an installation.

Patricia TAVENNER (USA): - Tremendously. It is probably the most important element of an installation and what most installation tries to do.

Jennifer WARDLE (CDN): - It becomes an integral part.

(10) Do you know any fact that restricts the possibilities of installation?

(11) Do you like making installation for order or at request?

(12) What do you think of preserving an installation?

(13) Can the value of an installation be estimated and how?

(14) How does copyright apply to installations preserved only in documents?

(2) Why did you choose to make installations and not anything else?

(3) What do you think of your own works?

(4) What do you think the difference is between your own work and other installations?

(5) What do you think of the relationship of traditional artwork and installation?

(6) What is the size and material of an installation determined by?

(7) Could you mention the installation you consider to be the largest and the smallest one?

(8) Is there any object or idea that cannot be installed?