Network from the point of view of systems theory

“The variety of human cultures are behind, around and in front of us. The only possible way for us to wish this variety (creating for each individual the corresponding responsibilities) to realize them in such forms, each of which may be contribution, promoting the greatest generosity of others.” This is a completion of “Race and History” by Claude Lévi-Strauss. The Network is undoubtedly one of such forms. This is none other than a system and it being known as an open system. This openness is a basic trait for the cultured environment (and it is a pledge of its existence), including varied elements of chance which have an influence on the continuos renovation of the system components and of the system as a whole. The openness is a continuous interchange with cultured environment (representing a conglomeration of various systems).
As regards to mechanical sense the quality of Network designs increases to the extent when increases the quantity of the energy spent by the artists and increases the velocity of the results transmissions of this energy and so Network is a system capable for increasing (rise, development). In this system every element acts on the others and at the same time experiences its influence. This process is competitive. The out of date forms and ideas are replacing by the new ones and are thrown out of flow. In Network the new combinations and synthesis of cultural elements.
The relations of the artists and Network represent a recursive loop (cycle):

Artists → Network
↑         ↓
Parts ← Entity

If the artists want to be intelligible (clear) in Network context, they should be apprehensible into their individuality and isolation because a part possesses its own non-reduction relative to the whole. The artists should be defined (determined) at the same time in their individual characteristics and by means of them in the interactions, where they take part by means of Network and with the help of Network in which they are integrated. And on the contrary the Network is determined relative to the artists. This is polyrelative cycle. In this cycle the Network forms actively an artist.

I am completing my short essay just as I had commenced it by the citation. This time from A. N. Whithead: There is no possibility for pushing aside and autonomous existence.