From: “Charles Francois”
Date: October 15, 2006 1:09:12 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: recollection (v.04)

Dear Julia,
here it is:

author: Charles FRANCOIS
medium: DVD video
title: “Some memories of my meetings with Pigdada”

planned running time: 55′ max
(try to make shorter for your expo, but impossible to be more exact now)

description : records of Charles Francois with Baudhuin Simon in

1992 : zoo congress (with Guy Bleus and many other networkers)
1992 : pig-rat congress at RAT’s home in Liege Belgium
1997 : Shozo Shimamoto (and others)’s visit in Angleur Belgium
1998 : pig-rat incongruous meeting (?) in Trois-Ponts Belgium
2001 : Wasted Angels opening in Liege Belgium
2002 : Ryosuke Cohen (and others)’s visit in Marbehan Belgium

(feel free to adapt that as you want for your program invitation)

Best regards


1986: participant in several congresses

1992: participant in many congresses
co-organizer (with Rod Summers)
of the Cookie Congress (Liege-Maastricht session)

Arrival in Maastricht on August 08, 1992
(coming from Liege by the Maas river, on board of “Le Pays de Liege”)

standing from left to right: Hans-Ruedi FRICKER (Switzerland) Metallic AVAU (Belgium) Gilbertto PRADO (Brazil) Guy BLEUS (Belgium) Guy STUCKENS (Belgium) Charles FRANCOIS (Belgium) XXX (Mail Art Network outsider)
sitting from left to right: Daniel DALIGAND (France) Luc FIERENS (Belgium) Volker HAMANN (Germany)

1998: participant in many congresses

2004: missing

2006: met Dobrica Kamperelić for the first time of my life
after about 10 years of correspondance (1982–1992) and almost 15 years of silence (see below)

Dobrica KAMPERELIC (left) and Charles FRANCOIS (right)
at AQUILONE space in LIEGE Belgium, on April 24, 2006