Hello the Galantais / ARTPOOL, this is Mit Mitropoulos on 30/8/06, passing through Athens for a few days. Wil return here mid-September on my way to Brussels where I will remain till last week of November.
As promised in my message of 15/6, I am preparing for you a packet of publications. It is from Brussels that I will post you a copy of the Towards Performance book. Please check herewith:

-- The stamp for your announced activity. For one EIKASTIKA magazine presentation I had each one of the 5.000 copies of the magazine carry one copy of the stamp.
-- A set of Reviews, on Mail Art, as well as on Globalization, Environmental issues, Cyberspace
-- The paper on my Communication Processes in the 1980s, that I presented to the 8/1988 conference of the International Aesthetics Association, Nottingham University
-- From a series of 6 presentations in the EIKASTIKA art Review (3/83 to 3/86), I am enclosing the 3/83 one plus a translation. It is pages 14–16 and 21–23 and part of the cover. It is work that led to my current focusing on Minimal Constructions for Remote Coastal Sites, and the importance of the natural landscape.
There is also the 9/83 one, pages 13–21 and part of the cover. On page 15 you have the cover of the Towards performance book. And on page 14 top left, there is a rubber stamp of the Olympia Mail Art activity of 1979 in Greece.
-- The cover of Towards Performance, comes with page 15 from the short text in the book. Besides page 485, pages 163/165/169/170 are from the First Mail Art Activity in Greece, an activity that took place in both the Athens and Thessaloniki cities of the French Institute. The theme was Manet’s Olympia-organisers were art critics Veatriki Spiliadi and Eleni Varopoulou herself also working on the theater (the Second Mail Art Exhibition followed soon after, by architect-artist-reviewer Sophia Martinou, in Athens. More Mail Art exhibitions followed, including one by the Tachydromos magazine of a mass distribution scale).
Attached here are a choice of reviews on Towards Performance, one by Costas Georgoussopoulos (in Greek/English/French) the best theatre critic of the last decades in Greece, also poet and university professor. The other review comes from Martinou herself (in Greek/German).

I must leave you now, and when I will mail you my Towards Performance from Brussels, I will include in it a note I still have to do, connecting groups of pages from the book, to my Art activity that followed since then, including on-going work.

When checking this material, in case you have a specific interest on some specific concept, do let me know so that I can send you more material related to it.

In case you/your people gets to Brussels, there is an on-going activity I am participating in (I rarely do so,outside the Art-science-technolgy invitations I get) on the idea that Climatic Change has the waters rise.Therefore the land-locked Brussels area of Jette,becomes Jette-sur-Mer.It has been running since 10/6 for 3 months in the Museum 340. But they have just told me that it will go on for another 3 weeks, and therefore I will see it myself, end of September. I make the Art/Architecture/Science Fiction connection between Brussels and the Aegean Sea islands I work on in Greece.
On the other hand, if you find yourself in Venice, I am contributing in the Aegean Islands presentation in the Biennale. They look on the islands as one city, and I have been working on the Architecture/Urban Planning/Telecommunications of the archipelago, as one Urban System since 2001, and going back to the key dates of 1982 (telecommunications proposals) and 1978 (traditional architecture research).

Best to you / ARTPOOL, Mit