8-15 June 1971 - Studio Exhibition 2. (Participants: Sándor Csutoros, István Demeter, László Haris, István Ilyés, József Molnár V. and Emil Parrag.)

16 June - 6 July 1971 - Studio Exhibition 3-5

(Participants: Imre Bak, Tibor Csiky, Sándor Csutoros, Miklós Erdély, Gyula Gulyás, István Haraszty, Hencze Tamás, István Nádler, Gyula Pauer, Endre Tót and Péter Türk, catalogue)

Tamás Szentjóby: Paralel kurzus / Tanpálya [Parallel Course / Training Track] - 2 July 1971
Happening, initiation ceremony “A-B”

Concept: Tamás Stjóby. Conducted by János Baksa-Soós, Gábor Bene, Tamás Stjóby. Collaborators: Zója Karandata, Eleni Taxidu

“The chapel is situated on top of a hill in the town of Balatonboglár. Around it a small oval clearing offers a great view of the surrounding landscape and Lake Balaton. The longitudinal axis of the chapel is divided into two by the entrance, with the place of the altar at one end and the tower staircase and the choir loft at the other. The chapel is empty, except for pictures of the current exhibition hanging on the walls and props for a happening lying against the wall facing the entrance.
1. The participants of the happening gather around the still closed chapel.

2. E.T. and Z.K., wearing white paper handkerchiefs fixed onto their clothes as if they were badges, let the participants in one by one, after they have smeared a spot on everyone’s right arm with honey in the doorway. They direct women to proceed to the left and men to the right.

3. The door is closed again.
The two groups of participants gather at the two ends of the chapel.

4. From the choir loft, B-S. announces that we are all going to observe a specific, Balatonboglár case of free fall.
He drops a beer bottle from above onto the stone floor of the chapel (but the bottle does not break).
In a few seconds, the shrill sound of chinking glass can be heard. Following the ‘inside free fall’, G.B. dropped another beer bottle from the other tower onto the slabs in front of the entrance outside the chapel.
5. B-S. and St. walk around and squeeze a drop of glue from a tube onto one of the soles of every participant’s shoes, including their own. From that point on, they walk more cautiously, trying to put their weight on the other foot.

6. From the attic, through a hole in the middle of the chapel’s vault, G.B. lets down a small package, hanging on a length of yarn, very slowly until it reaches a position just above head height.
7. B-S. and St. unwrap the package, which contains pharmaceutical wafers, and they start walking around again, sticking a host onto the bottom of each participant’s shoe, including their own.
8. Taking the two interlocked paper cylinders (that were placed prior to the happening on a plinth beside the wall facing the entrance of the chapel), B-S. lifts each cylinder alternately, one at a time, showing that each is empty. In the end he lifts both all at once, revealing a camping gas cylinder placed on the plinth.
9. St. holds a broom (made of broomcorn) over the burning gas cylinder, and with the flaming broom, he starts sweeping up the splinters of glass belonging to the beer bottle that has been violently broken in the meantime. Sweeping in an undefined direction, he stops to set the broom on fire again whenever the fire is extinguished, giving him an occasion to change the direction of sweeping. At about a two-meter distance from the original spot, he sweeps up the splinters of glass into a heap.

10. B-S. (departing from the original concept to lie beside the heap of glass splinters at arm’s length, placing one fist on the splinters) sits on top of the glass splinters. He asks the participants to observe his breathing; then to observe their own breathing; to observe everyone else’s breathing; women to breathe in unison; and men to breathe in unison.
11. When women inhale, then men should exhale, and vice versa. Following the moments spent with interdependent exhaling and inhaling, St. opens the gate and exits. Splinters of glass become visible in front of the entrance.

Tamás Szentjóby’s description of the happening, published in AL / Artpool Letter 5, Summer 1983, pp. 14-15.

7-14 July 1971 - Studio Exhibition 6. (Exhibitors: Iván Cerovszky, András Orvos, Péter Prutkay, György Szemadám, catalogue)

15-22 July 1971 - Studio Exhibition 7. (Exhibitors: Rafael Ábrahám, Ferenc Banga, Sándor Csutoros, György Galántai, István Haász, András Miklós Sáros, Vilma Somlai, Róbert Swierkiewicz, Árpád Szabados, Béla Szeift, Zoltán Szentirmai, Ildikó Várnagy, catalogue)

23-30 July 1971 - Studio Exhibition 8. (Exhibitors: Viola Berki, Péter Donáth , Árpád Illés , Albert Kováts, Oszkár Papp, catalogue)

1-7 August 1971 - Studio Exhibition 9. (The exhibition of Sándor Csutoros, Miklós Halmy, Béla Koncz, Brunó Gellér and Béla Szeift)

24-31 August 1971 - Studio Exhibition 12. (Exhibition of György Galántai és Béla Szeift.)