12-13 August 1973 - (from Sunday evening to Monday morning)
László Algol: The Chemistry Engineer and the Construction Foreman.
The Personality of the Trinity (An Approximation Exercise).

László Algol: plan for the approximation exercise


“this evening I have a foreman and a
chemical engineer on my mind
it is not an isolated event because I’m incessantly
thinking about these two personalities and
besides them I think a lot about all
the three personalities of the trinity.
I am living in a trinity, which defines
my thoughts, and if there exists in me other
ways of thinking, they are only pure if
they strive towards the trinity and seek to grasp
the impact it exerts upon my thinking.
the fact that even this chain reaction is unable
to shift my desires aimed at going beyond the trinity
is unbearable and I cannot hide it from anyone
(not even from you).
I think the most - more than anything else - about
the three most radiant personalities of the trinity,
but their light radiates and their luminous fields create.
the (foreman) (E) is the first personality (Z) one of
the highest figures of its field
is the (chemical engineer) (V) a person outside the trinity,
who reminds me of the other person outside the trinity,
who I think about the most besides the trinity (J)
E = f (Z) and V = f (J) are analog relations.
18:30h 12 August 1973 praxis at
the three pine trees above the waterworks (upper walkway)
[László Algol]”
(text of the poster)

12-18 August 1973 - Kassák Theatre
accessories of the performances for children in the morning

12 and 15 August - Play with Birds
13 August - King Kong I-II. part
14 August - King Kong III. part

19-25 August 1973 - “Szövegek/Texts”, the first international exhibition of visual experimental poetry (organised by Dóra Maurer and Gábor Tóth)

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