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ARTPOOL EVENTS (1979-1991)

APS no, 1-14, (1979-1984)

(OTHER PROJECTS (1982-1991)

ARTPOOL'S PERIODIC SPACE (APS), Periodic Art Space ("what is periodic is constant" /Galántai). Exhibitions, events, actions organised by Artpool at different locations. The series of events were inspired by Robert Filliou's postcard.(APS no.1)


a poster with the following text has been exhibited:

fond remembrance
warm wishes

ROBERT FILLIOU - September 1979

1979 APS no.2, PACCO dall'ITALIA - PIK Galéria, Csepel, Budapest.

Visual and Sound Poetry works by Italian artists collected at Artpool's first art tour and other Italian Mail Art pieces - banned by the authorities

1979 APS no.3, CHAPEL EXHIBITIONS, BALATONBOGLÁR 1970-73, Kassák Klub, Budapest, 3. October, 1979

Slide show about the art events at György Galántai's Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár - first event of the "Slide Bank" project - banned by the authorities

1980 APS no.4, SENT ART, Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 10-20 April, 1980.

Artpool's first mail art exhibition as part of a conference about the "Culture of the Seventies". Envelopes, postcards, artistamps, etc. from 300 artists from 24 countries. A call for participation and a poster-documentation were made for the show.

1980 APS no.5, G.A. CAVELLINI - with the participation of G.A. Cavellini, Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 23-29 May, 1980.

The exhibition in all rooms of the club consisted of three parts: 1) a Cavellini interpretation by Galántai, 2) "Operation Round Trip" cooperative envelope-works by GAC and Galántai, 3) show of the material of the Cavellini competition (works by 25 Hungarian artists on the topic: Cavellini). At the opening: actions, video projections with the participation of G.A.Cavellini. He drew portraits, distributed his artistamps, postcards and stickers and discussed the problematic of the Jungle of Art with the artists present. (Publication)

1982 APS no.6, WORLD ART POST Fészek Galéria, Budapest, 6-25 April, 1982.

The exhibition consisted of 756 Din A5 stamp-designs by 550 artists from 35 countries (the stamps have been published in sheets of 28, and added to the catalog of the show; a film has also been made of the project), and of ca. 2000 artists' stamps and stamp images from the collection of Artpool. Slide show presentation of the use of artistamps.

1981 APS no.7, ART + POST, Mini Galéria, Újpest, Budapest, 1981. 21 July - 20 August, 1981

Artpool's first Hungarian Mail Art exhibition with postal works by 86 artists and invitation cards of 36 cultural institutions. Some sent objects and bookworks were also shown as well as two international mail art projects. Pieces from Artpool's audio archive were to be listen to during the show. (Publication)

1981 APS no.8, ART-UMBRELLA-POSTCARD-SHOW, Helikon Galéria, Budapest, 16 December, 1981 - 10 January, 1982

a "non official exhibition" in the framework of the "Christmas-New Year postcard show" where Galántai has been invited. He altered and passed over the invitation to 33 Hungarian artists. (Publication)

1981 APS no.9, GERALD MINKOFF (Switzerland) - CHINESE CHESS + INSTANT HEXAGRAM - EVENT, Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 30 October, 1981.

"What may happen among artists during a meeting like this?" - instant event /guest of Artpool/

1982 APS no.10, IMAGE IN AN IMAGE, Fészek Klub, Budapest, 15 April, 1982.

four hours long slide show of the use of artistamps by artists in a mail-art-music soundscape. "common show" of Artpool's Slide Bank, the Artistamp, Postcard, Envelope collection and of the Sound Archive.

1982 APS no.11, EVERYBODY WITH ANYBODY - rubber stamp competition, event and exhibition, special space arrangement, Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 26 February, 1982.

Detailed description of the event in the catalogue.

1983 APS no.12, KONZERT ÜBER TELEFON, Artpool Studió, Budapest, 7-11 p.m. 15 April, 1983.

Budapest-Vienna-Berlin telephone concert organised together with Robert Adrian X. and Helmut Mark from Vienna. The audio cassette no. 3 of Radio Artpool documents the event.

1984 APS no.13, HUNGARY CAN BE YOURS / International Hungary, Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 27 January 1984.

At the vernissage (7 p.m. 27 January, 1984) "broadcasting" of Radio Artpool's 6th program: Hungary. The exhibition, with works by 46 Hungarian and 58 foreign artists from 18 countries, was banned by the authorities, for so called "professional" reasons. (Catalog published in 1989)

1984 APS no. 14, Dance performance by MIN TANAKA (Japan) - Kreatív Mozgás Stúdió, Budapest, 21 March, 1984 /guest of Artpool/


commemorations, guest artists, cooperations, visits, reconstruction, etc.

1979 ARTPOOL´S ART TOUR, 21 June - 2 August, 1979.

The Artpool's first "art tour" project in Italy. The pronounced intention of this journey was to meet several creators, publishers and authors of the Italian experimental art and poetry, to collect publications and to explore possible collaborations. Either benefit of the tour might have been the “PACCO dall'ITALIA” exhibition (PIK Gallery, Csepel, Budapest).

1982 BUDA RAY UNIVERSITY (Buda Ray University 1982-1988)

a visual communication network based on letters and visual materials by Ray Johnson (USA), and on Artpool's correspondance with him.

1982 ARTPOOL ART TOUR, 14 June - 31 July, 1982.

Art tour project through six European countries. Personal meetings with artists from the network, exchange of publications, collecting of documents. Photo and sound documentation of the events. The result: 8 cardboard boxes of archive material, technical equipment for the sound archive, a machine for making stamp perforations. Issues 1-3 of the samizdat AL magazine, a stamp sheet and the Radio Artpool 5th cassette document the tour.


organised by Enrico Sturani, Rome. Compilation of the "punk-rock-art" material for the show by Artpool.

1985 Sound poetry performance by DOUGLAS BARBOUR (Canada) and ENDRE SZKÁROSI at Artpool Studio, Budapest /guest of Artpool/

1987 STAMP IMAGES, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 29 May - 25 September, 1987

exhibition of artists' stamps from the collection of Artpool. A color poster and catalog were issued for the show.

1987 ENVELOPES, Liget Galéria, Budapest, 13-24 June, 1987

first exhibition of Artpool's collection of envelopes.using artists' stamps. 101 participants from 22 countries.

1987 The ARCHIVES FOR SMALL PRESS & COMMUNICATION Young Artists' Club, Budapest, 30 October, 1987

Lecture with slide and video presentation and exhibition by GUY SCHRAENEN (Belgium), /guest of Artpool/

1987 IN THE SPIRIT OF MARCEL DUCHAMP - Symposium to commemorate the 100th birthday of Marcel Duchamp, Eötvös University, Dept.of Esthetics, Budapest, 11 December, 1987 

international exhibition with the participation of 54 artists; in the afternoon: films, videos, slides by different artists, concerts on the sound sculptures of G. Galántai; in the evening: 5 minute lectures by 21 artists and art critics.

1989 EUROPE AGAINST THE CURRENT, Amsterdam, 10-20 September, 1989

participation at the festival of alternative culture: exhibition of the Artpool's Ray Johnson Space; exchange of publications at the Art Fair.

1989 RECONSTRUCTION OF A BANNED EXHIBITION, Young Artists' Club, 9-21 December, 1989.

Exact reconstruction of the exhibition "Hungary Can Be Yours", banned in 1984. At the opening: round-table discussion of the former censors and censored. A video documents the event, and the catalog of the exhibition (edited in 1984) has also been published.

1990 UNDERGROUND ART DURING THE ACZÉL ERA, Kossuth Klub, Budapest, 2-16 February, 1990 (in the framework of the "Liberal Evenings")

Exhibition with slide show of documents of the non-official art of the '70s from the Artpool Archive. From 7 p.m. literary evening, then a discussion with the "survivers" of the "Aczél period".

1991 NEWKAPOLCS GALLERY, Kapolcs, 1991-1995,

Artpool's independent summer art space, to recall the memory of the Balatonboglár Chapel Studio (closed by the authorities in 1973) in the Kapolcs house of György Galántai. From 1992 it served as the site for summer projects of the Budapest Artpool Art Research Center.

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