Fluxus / Conceptual Art

FLUXUS FLAGS (Budapest Autumn Festival - 1992, Artpool P60 - 2000)

Robert Filliou - Joachim Pfeufer: Poïpoïdrome à Espace-Temps Réel No.1, 1976
Budapest, Club of Young Artists (and reconstruction of the original installation in 1998, Artpool P60)

IMPOSSIBLE REALISM (study exhibition on the Hungarian aspects of international Fluxus and Conceptual Art, Artpool P60, 2001)

International projects

Boîte - Box (international exhibition of box(ed) artworks to commemorate Marcel Duchamp´s 110th birthday)

Installation (works, documents, statements-opinions about installation - exhibition at Artpool P60, 1998)

Foot-Ware (Foot and Foot-ware - as performance and installation. The context of the personal /foot/ and the impersonal /footwear -> footware!/ - exhibition at Artpool P60, 1999)

Network and Correspondence Art
(Mail Art, Artistamp, Rubber Stamp Art):

Correspondence Art of Ray Johnson (web version of the exhibition organized by Artpool at the Ernst Muzeum, Budapest from 19 February to 23 March 1997)

Art-Umbrella Postcard show (add-to-postcards by Hungarian artists, 1981)

Substitutable Self-Portrait (international project by Róbert Swierkiewicz, 1981)

World Art Post (international artistamp project by Artpool in 1982, with 550 participants)

Stamp+Rubber Stamp (web adaptation of a special publication from 1982, with works by Hungarian artists)

Brain cell (international project by Ryosuke Cohen, Japan, 1985)

Add-to-drawings of children done during the “Audio-visual and electronic being together” - a creativity training and exhibition with children in the Newkapolcs Gallery (1992)

22 Budapest (fax-event of the Árnyékkötők group, 1993)

Networker Bridge (web adaptation of a bookwork published by Artpool in 1994, consisting of 64 Tarot cards with motifs by 64 artists, 1994)

Add to... postcards: Monument Square, Budapest (transformation of the Budapest Millennary Square on postcards, 1997)

UNI/vers(;) (web adaptation of the Peacedream project 1988 by Guillermo Deisler /1940-1995/. Exhibition at Artpool from 14 March to 11 April 1997)

Hungary can be yours! / International Hungary (web adaptation of the exhibition at the Young Artists' Club of Budapest in 1984. The “Hungary image” of the 80’s, drawn by 110 artists.)

The Chance Future (international exhibition of chance works sent for the network project in the Year of Chance - Artpool P60, 2000)

One man shows

Márton Cserny: Stencilage (interactive adaptation of the series shown at Artpool P60 in 1999 - with sounds + articles in Hungarian)

Endre Tot (with articles in Hungarian)


Dadaist Picture Poems by Lajos Kassák (1920-1922) (selection of works presented during the Budapest Autumn Festival 1997, as part of the open air exhibition “Quotations from Kassák” org. by Artpool as a tribute to the 110 years old artist)

picture-poetry (works of the open air exhibition organized by Artpool (Budapest Autumn Festival 1996)


Al (Artpool Letter) (samizdat art review published by Artpool from 1983 to 1985)

Tomasz Konart: T3 (web application of Konart's bookwork, on the occasion of an exhibition and a lecture at Artpool on Polish Avant-garde books by Piotr Rypson - 23. April, 1997)

Collections at Artpool

artists´ money (at the public collection of Artpool - updated as needed)

cd-roms (cd-rom works at the public collection of Artpool - updated as needed)

Slide-bank /art73_74/ (Progressive Art in Hungary, a slide-stock annual by Dóra Maurer, 1974)

Bookworks by Barbara Rosenthal (presented at Artpool on 27 November, 1996)