Installation Project 98 · Installáció Projekt 98

(1) How long have you been making installations?

I don´t make them! I have created one and participated on another.

(2) Why did you choose to make installations and not anything else?

These were college assignment.

(3) What do you think of your own works?

Constantly changing with new techniques I find or learn. I always strive for something different than the others.

(4) What do you think the difference is between your own work and other installations?

Mine are boring!!

(5) What do you think of the relationship of traditional artwork and installation?

What is traditional art compared to installations. Egyptian monuments versus Sistine Chapel versus... a meat dress.

(6) What is the size and material of an installation determined by?

Only limits are its surrounding boundaries (walls, and perhaps what the law dictates!!) each piece unfortunately has its certain limits.

(7) Could you mention the installation you consider to be the largest and the smallest one?

What if someone planted a sapling - it grows to be a tree.

(8) Is there any object or idea that cannot be installed?

Can´t think of one - it is in ones own opinion.

(9) How does environment affect the installation of the work?

Outside - rust... Inside - dust. Either one - damage by the public in protest.

(10) Do you know any fact that restricts the possibilities of installation?


(11) Do you like making installation for order or at request?

For order? I do not make installations, and I don´t know why!

(12) What do you think of preserving an installation?

Preserving the actual installation, or preserving installation with documentation of photos / video? Art is history, whether good or bad.

(13) Can the value of an installation be estimated and how?

Hmm; not sure. What of the value of time, cost of material. That should be discussed by artist and where (who) it is being installed or place of installement.

(14) How does copyright apply to installations preserved only in documents?

Copyright should apply to the actual installation in document.

Melissa CLARK (USA)