Five o'clock tea
by Valery Oisteanu

5 Th of October 2005
2nd day of Rosh Hashanah
Pentateuch open on page 555
We light 5 candles plus one
We drink five glasses of wine
Jewish New Years-5766
Five books of Moses on my mind
Hay the fifth Hebrew letter
The element is Earth: Center of Pakua
Stability and Planning
Five fingers on a hand
Five toes on a foot
Walk to the river
Toss five pieces of bread
Ask forgiveness for all my sins
Five senses at their peak
Five Planets from Vedic books
Mars is for vision,
Mercury for smell, Jupiter for sound,
Venus, taste, Saturn, touch
Five pennies makes a nickel
The fifth chemical element of
The periodic table is Boron
No one heard of it but me
Feeling like a fifth wheel
Feeling like taking the fifth
Feeling like five o'clock cocktails instead
Feeling like 555 years old
Five elements of Feng-shui
Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal...
I remember “five cubed” recently
Cinquo de Mayo 05/05/05
Five swords of Pentacle
Five is my life

Valery Oisteanu (USA)