sound of the acoustic space-installation

Miklós Erdély (1928-1986): Portrait of Béla Bartók (photo mosaic, 1983?)

"The photo mosaic, one of Miklós Erdély's technical inventions, retains the photographs' colours and shades while making use of the tiny instances of unevenness and colour variance arising when firing the glazed ceramic mosaic. By substituting the strong tracing so characteristic of traditional mosaic for the tone separation squeezed in its austere tone-block, Miklós Erdély gave a new direction to the technique of mosaic-making, as well as pushing the boundaries of representation towards new possibilities. He produced his portrait of Bartók as a representative piece of the new technique in cooperation with Dalma Korényi around 1983". (Dániel Erdély, 2006)

music: Béla BARTÓK (1881-1945):

"I strongly believe and profess that every true art arises under the influence of impressions - 'experiences' - which we gather from the external world. Anyone who paints a landscape for no other reason than painting a landscape, or who composes a symphony for no other reason than composing a symphony, is at best simply a good artisan, no more. I cannot visualize artistic productions in any way other than the creator's manifestation of his boundless zeal, despair, grief, rage, vengeance, twisted irony, sarcasm." (Béla Bartók, 1909)

sound of the acoustic space-installation

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