sound of the acoustic space-installation

Tibor Hajas (1946-1980): W. A. Mozart: "HAFFNER" SYMPHONY (1976?)

The East-German RTF factory produced a radio in 1956 with the brand name Havel, which functioned on three bands: short-wave, long-wave and FM. The black-and-white photo of this radio received its title from Tibor Hajas, who - by this verbal gesture - transformed a visual trace of memory into an auditory one.

"Photography is the death-cult of the twentieth century.
It readily mingles with topical reality; being of the same breed, it interlaces the everyday praxis, stimulating our perception so profoundly that it has become impossible to decide which one records the past and which one irritates the future" (Tibor Hajas, 1977)

In the city of Salzburg, in the families of both the aristocracy and the rich upper middle class, no birthday, name-day or wedding could pass without a serenade; even the end of academic years were celebrated with newly composed serenades. In July 1776, Mozart was commissioned to compose a serenade for the wedding of Elisabeth, the daughter of Salzburg's mayor, Siegmund Haffner. Seven years later, Mozart asked for the return of this serenade, which also included a march, for a performance in Vienna. He revised this piece, omitting the march (together with a minuet), so that the composition thus reduced to four movements was performed as a symphony.

sound of the acoustic space-installation

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